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Applying traditional journalism to new media, over the past decade ExplorersWeb has attracted a unique, global crowd of very active trendsetters. Quick to try new ideas and products, they are leaders of the worldwide adventures. Reaching this community brings an opportunity to launch products to early adapters who inspire fans and followers.

Clicking the tab "audience" above, you will find fresh data from Quantcast, Alexa, and Google analytics showing that ExWeb readers earn top income and are highly educated (on par with Wall Street Journal); that Explorersweb ranks higher in global reach than Men's Journal and Outside; and that ExplorersWeb has 200 thousand people visiting each month with a high degree of repeat visitors at half a million page Views. Over half are "regulars" and a quarter are "addicts". 55% have participated in an expedition and 73% go trekking at least yearly.

Last year internet usage increased with 80 % (up to 28 hours/week) and is now by far the largest daily media. Looking for the most efficient campaigns, a 2009 study based on 7 million survey respondents by the Online Publisher Organization (OPA) found that content sites (ExplorersWeb, CNN etc) were superior to Portals (AOL, MSN, etc) and Ad Networks (, Google, etc) in terms of ad effectiveness:

Brand Awareness - Content sites up to 250% more effective
Brand Favorability - Content sites up to 400% more effective
Purchase Intent - Content sites up to 900% more effective

ExplorersWeb is the world's largest adventure website and this is what major outdoor brands experienced when they ran premium campaigns here:

"ExplorersWeb was in a class of its own!" (The North Face)
"Clicks were higher than from other sites and people stayed longer" (Eddie Bauer)
"We filled our South America program" (expedition travel agency)

To best sell a product advertisers know they must create an experience for the customer beyond selling the product features/benefits. For this reason ExplorersWeb created the unique "site takeover" where advertisers get an opportunity to exclusively entertain the readers during 10 days. The technology allows for high impact ads with polls, editorial stories, sound, images, video and other multimedia related to the campaign.

Case Study "Take-Over"

HarperCollins Publishers needed a push for the launch of a new K2 book. The campaign ran for 10 days during K2 climbing season.

"Thanks again for all your help on the book promotion. It looked fantastic -- and I got lots of positive feedback. It seems to have worked as well -- No Way Down is going well." Graham Bowley, Author .

Work with our team

Utilizing ExplorersWeb's specialized knowledge, advertisers get the most per advertising dollar. Here's what one publisher experienced:

"The explorers web team was a pleasure to work with. They gave me informed advertising options, created a great looking page based upon my comments, and updated me regularly on the progress of the promotion." (HarperCollins Publishers).

The ten day duration and exclusivity make for only 36 take-over campaigns available per year. With advertisers booking two sessions yearly the opportunity shrinks to 18 spots. ExplorersWeb hope that your brand will be one of our steady partners: to overcome your competition and help us grow.


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