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Income and Education
Quantcast July 5, 2010.

ExWeb visitors earn top income and are highly educated.

  >100k/year income College and higher
Explorersweb 42% 72%
Wall Street Journal 40% 74%
LA Times 36% 67%
NYTimes 36% 75%
Mens Journal 31% 71%
Away (Outside) 30% 55%
National Geographic 19% 29%
Internet Rank
Alexa Jun 1, 2010

Explorersweb ranks higher by Alexa then Men's Journal and Outside.

  Global Reach Category
National Geo 0.0256 news (TV etc not incl)
Backpacker 0.0032 resources, gear, subsc.
Explorersweb 0.0022 news
Mens Journal 0.0021 primarily subsc sell
Outside Online 0.0019 news and subsc sell 0.0015 news and subsc sell
Alpinist 0.0006 news and subsc sell
Barrabes 0.0017 Europe's largest - news and gear


Google Analytics May 2010 (not including non available sections)

Page Views 502,000
Unique visits 191,000
Absolute Unique Visitors* 80,000
Average spent time 3 min
Average page views 2.6

*Actual unique people

Updated daily by Quantcast.

The "typical" ExWeb visitor is male, 35 to 49 years old and is educated above average. 42% of visitors earn more than $100k a year.

Updated daily by Quantcast.

Exweb has a high degree of repeat visitors.


2004 Survey


The "typical" ExWeb visitor is male, 38 years old and married. He lives in North America or Europe, has a high level of education and above average household income. Household income averages at $74,000 (compare to NG $64,000) -an especially high number considering that only 40% are from the US and that is still higher than the national average. 74% have a college degree or higher, 39% are post-graduate, 24% are Masters and 5% are Doctors.
ExplorersWeb Survey June 24-26, 2004
Male 76%
Female 24%
Average Age 38
House Hold Income (Global)
Average HHI $74000
College or higher 74%
Post-Graduate 39%
USA 40%
Canada 6%
Europe 38%
Oceania 7%
Asia 5%
Mexico 2%
Africa 1%
South America 1%
5 Top Native Languages
English 68%
Spanish 6%
German 5%
Dutch 5%
French 4%


ExWeb readers are a very active crowd. 55% tell us they have participated in an 'Expedition', defined as at least a 30 day or longer adventure. 73% go trekking at least yearly.

High average house hold income allows for extensive travel: 82% travel to outdoor activities by plane, and 94% by car.

They work hard and play hard. They are an unusually intellectual and athletic bunch, leaders both professionally and outside of their workplace.

Outdoor Profile
55% Participate in "Expeditions"
73% Go trekking at least yearly
39% Go trekking at least every second month
Activity at least yearly
47% Skiing
43% Climbing
17% Sailing
14% Diving
Other top open answer activities
Canoeing/kayaking, mountain biking, running/trailrunning, walking/hiking, hunting, horse-back riding
Travel by plane in relation to outdoor activity
82% At least sometimes
57% At least yearly
7% At least bi-monthly
Travel by car in relation to outdoor activity
94% At least sometimes
79% At least yearly
61% At least bi-monthly
20% At least weekly


ExplorersWeb is the world's largest online "adventure news" resource.

Advertising on ExplorersWeb is an essential part of a market mix designed to penetrate the adventure market in full. In addition, advertising on ExplorersWeb means reaching a unique community of today's exploration leaders/trendsetters.

Visits to Adventure Websites - at least daily
38% ExplorersWeb
9% EverestNews
4% Climbing
4% Desnivel
4% Barabbes
3% National Geographic
2% Mountainzone
1% Outside
1% Outdoorsmagic
Reading of Adventure Magazines - almost always
35% National Geographic
17% Outside Magazine
13% Climbing
11% NG Adventure
10% Rock & Ice
9% Alpinist
9% Backpacker
3% NG Traveler