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Placement and Audit

Explorersweb offer three groups of products.

"Exweb Take-Over". Inspired from the gaming industry this product, unique to ExplorersWeb, is designed to grab the full attention of visitors.

"Premium ads" are offered on CPM basis and audited in accordance with IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

Choose between placement through Eyeblaster (requires Eyeblaster account) or OpenX (audited by OpenX).

"Easy ads" are offered at fixed price per week or month.


Exweb Take-Over  NEW

Inspired from the gaming industry this product, unique to ExplorersWeb, is designed to grab the full attention of visitors.

The campaign fully dominates ExplorersWeb offering the impact of a full page paper magazine ad amplified with all the technical possibilities of new media such as multiple links, video and audio.

The exposure eclipses printed media ads at a fraction of the cost. Since only one T-O can be offered per timeslot, please book early.


  • Advertiser background floats around and through Explorersweb. Max 1500 x 1000.
  • A Super Leader board area (970 x 120)  is superimposed on background to allow for clicks and tracking.
  • A second "Billboard" page is created for unique content such as video, sound etc. The Billboard will still have the basic Explorersweb design so the visitor will get a feeling of home, but on an opaque background. The "Billboard" page is an open field for the advertiser's ideas and innovations.
  • A Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) at premium position is allowed for a traditional follow up of the overall design and message.
  • A small button banner (160 x 90) will run for 2 months after the end date of the "Take-Over" campaign as a reminder to visitors with a link to the Billboard page active for 3 months (can be extended).

Social Media and other added impact:

  • Twitter updates (13,000 direct as of Jun 2010)
  • Exclusive newsletters (2500)
  • Exclusive polls on the Explorersweb home page (must be relevant to audience)
  • News story by ExplorersWeb's editors

Please contact our team to discuss these options.


Due to the technical nature of "Take-Over" the price is set per time slot, similar to traditional media. Tracking will be offered from the Super Leader board and Medium Rectangle areas.

Note! The "Take-Over" can only be booked for max 30 days with minimum 15 days between repeats.

  Setup fee (include the full Billboard page)   $,1400  
  10 day slot (minimum)   $9,000  
  20 day slot   $15,000  
  30 day slot   $21,000  
  Extra day   $650  


  • Background jpeg or png 1500 x 1000. The left, right and bottom edge should be faded into the background color of choice (avoid white or light grey).
  • Super leader board size 970 x 120 should be centered horizontally on the background and start 40 px from top. Check screenshot.
  • Medium Rectangle 300 x 250
  • Button 160 x 90
  • Billboard page: content for central area 980 px width, free height. The content can be presented to Explorersweb as html or php or with instructions and elements attached.  Allowed video, sound, flash etc.

Easy Ads

Easy Ads are 160 x 90 rectangles. All Easy Ads must be jpg or gif and can not be animated or movies. The Easy Ad is a great, straight deal but without statistics.  Please place your order online and email us your artwork and hyperlink. By placing an Easy Ad order you also acknowledge that you have read and accept our terms and conditions.

  Explorersweb 160 x 90 pixel 2 Week $300
  Explorersweb 160 x 90 pixel 1 Month $500
  Explorersweb 160 x 90 pixel 2 Month $900
  Explorersweb 160 x 90 pixel 3 Month $1200
  Explorersweb 160 x 90 pixel 6 Month $1800

Premium Ads

Explorersweb offer the following standard sizes for premium Ads. Movies allowed. Please contact us for availability and custom ad sizes. Download Insertion Order.

  Super Leaderboard NEW 970 x 120 pixel $28/CPM  
  Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixel $17/CPM  
  Skyscraper 600 x 160 pixel $17/CPM  
  Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 pixel $17/CPM  
  Medium Rectangle Intra Article 280 x 210 pixel $15/CPM