Portuguese Bruno Carvalho on the way to C1 on Shisha Pangma's normal route. Image courtesy of Sic.Sapo.pt (click to enlarge).
Bruno, together with Rui Rosado, Joao Garcia and Nuro Sherpa, summited Shisha on October 31. Image of Nuro Sherpa and Joao on the summit, courtesy of Sic.sapo.pt (click to enlarge).
Bruno Carvalho lost on Shisha Pangma

Posted: Nov 02, 2006 01:55 pm EST
(MountEverest.net) The Portuguese in Shisha Pangmas ABC, already preparing to celebrate the teams summit and Joao Garcias 8th 8000er froze at the message on the radio. It was 10:00 am on November 1, and the news hit us like a bomb suddenly nothing made sense anymore, reports expedition journalist Aurelio Faria. The message, BC, BC Rosado here, Bruno died on descent.

Bruno fell to his death on descent, at about 7000m 400 meters above the place where he would have rested for the night, writes Aurelio on the expedition website.

Body found by team mates

He was the last in the group of three Portuguese climbers and one Nepalese on their way back from the summit. He was climbing down one hour behind the others. Already in C2 João, Rui and Nurô Sherpa grew concerned and left the tent searching for him. Soon they would find Brunos body. Exhausted after a sleepless night and the summit push, none of them had the strength to try to bring his remains back down to BC. We improvised a grave, and marked the place in case a rescue operation can be launched, a shocked Joao managed to report .

He was the soul of any expedition, Aurelio writes. Here in ABC, Brunos memories fill it all. What should have been a story of glory has ended up in tragedy.

Portuguese Joao Garcia summited Shisha Pangma, his 8th 8000m, on October 31, together with Nuro Sherpa, Rui Rosado and Bruno Carvalho. Bruno perished on descent.