Image from Pakistan Himalaya, ExplorersWeb files.
Preparation for Best of ExplorersWeb Awards: Site closed today, Award countdown begins tomorrow

Posted: Dec 21, 2006 08:00 am EST
ExplorersWeb will be closed today, Thursday, in preparation for the best of ExplorersWeb awards. The Awards will be published daily starting tomorrow - with the 2006 winner to be announced On New Years Eve, December 31, 2006.

ExplorersWeb will in addition be open through the holidays for limited coverage of major expeditions in Pakistan and at Antarctica.

Merry Christmas, guys - wherever you are!

ExplorersWeb has been awarded best of Adventure media. What is then the Best of ExplorersWeb?

We have covered hundreds of expeditions in 2006. It's difficult to choose the best, as they all contributed in their own way, sharing their story - their very soul in fact - with us and the world.

Theirs have all been stories of dreams, frustration, hope, disaster and - sometimes - victory in the eye of the impossible.

And yet, there are those who continue to linger in our minds long after their final debrief. We have chosen 8 expeditions who have contributed in an extraordinary way to the Spirit of Adventure in the year of 2006, with a special mention to an additional 4.

By their performace, these expeditions have proved themselves outstanding in all or many of the following:

- Courage
- Determination
- Persistence
- Self reliance
- Ingenuity
- Pioneering
- Idealism
- Comradeship
- Compassion
- Respect towards competition
- Honesty

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