All images illustrating this wrap-up courtesy of Czech Libor Uher who summited via Cesen and descended via Abruzzi together with American Chris Warner (in the image).
The Bottleneck in image by Libor Uher/ P.Sulovsky's K2 & BP Czech and Slovak expedition (click to enlarge).
Starting the traverse under the great serac. All 3 above images courtesy of Libor Uher/ P.Sulovsky's K2 & BP Czech and Slovak expedition (click to enlarge).
C3 on the Abruzzi Spur, where the Gerfried and his Austrian crew try to recoupe. Image courtesy of Libor Uher/ P.Sulovsky's K2 & BP Czech and Slovak expedition (click to enlarge).
Climber on K2's Shoulder at dawn (click to enlarge).
Climbers on the summit: Bruce Normand in green, Libor in blue, Chris Warner in yellow, and (probably) Joao Garcia in red (click to enlarge).
An exhausted Libor in C3 on the Abruzzi Spur on Saturday (click to enlarge).
Almost there - Libor and Chris by C1. All images courtesy of Libor Uher/ P.Sulovsky's K2 & BP Czech and Slovak expedition (click to enlarge).
Pakistan wrap-up: Hopeless attempts and stunning images

Posted: Jul 25, 2007 03:59 pm EDT
( Some climbers are still waiting for a chance to summit K2 and GII, but hopes fade as fresh snow keeps on accumulating on the mountains slopes.

On the bright side, Sulovskys team has submitted stunning images from last weeks ascent on K2.


Giuseppe Pompili: Im afraid its over

Is this a summer Base Camp? Its cold, snowy and rainy, vents Giuseppe. K2 is buried in snow I am afraid the seasons over.

Well try to go up, at least to retrieve our tents in C1 and C2. The fixed ropes are useless, buried under the fresh snow. Most teams hoping to attempt K2 after Broad Peak have called it quits. Gerlinde is still here, but with doubts about conditions on the mountain.

K2 west face

The Russian climbers still work the horrible face, but very slowly - difficult rocks are neverending, the altitude is high already and the weather's very bad, with a storm forecasted for Thusday-Friday. The altimeters in addition give different data at the same points, so it's hard to know camp's true altitudes. Vitaly Ivanov is now back in Moscow, at a hospital with a leg thrombosis.

Czech Libor & team: All safely back an ascent in images

By Sunday, all members of Sulovskys team were safely back in BC, and now the team has posted stunning images from the climb. Libor Uher and was the only climber this year to reach the summit of K2 via the Cesen/SSE/Basque route. Josef Jose Lukas didn't top out but fulfilled his dream: He skied the slopes of K2 from about 6,200m down to BC.

Images from Libors K2 ascent illustrate this story.

Broad Peak

Russian-Latvian: More summit news

Russian Climb reports that on July 20, RussianLatvian expedition members Vladimir Belousov and Serguey Duganov topped-out at 2 p.m. Other members were planning a summit bid for the next day, but were turned back by bad weather.

Gasherbrum II

Project-Himalaya: Barely hopeful summit push

Jamie McGuinness checked in from GIIs C1 yesterday. He reported on loads of fresh snow covering the mountains slopes.
G1 and G2 teams are setting off hoping for a forecasted weather window on July 28-29, but they are not very hopeful," Jamie said. "A Japanese team tried to reach GIIs C2, but was forced back."

Hirotaka: Still in Skardu

Internal injuries will keep Hirotaka Takeuchi immobilized for at least six to eight weeks, Yusuke Hirai told ExplorersWeb. Therefore, he is not getting involved in any other expedition this year.

Hiro is currently in Skardu, waiting for weather conditions to improve, in order to be airlifted to Islamabad. Meanwhile, some acquaintances left Tokyo yesterday to meet Hiro and escort him back to Japan.

GI (Hidden Peak)

Mario Merelli: Just clouds

Luckily there was no snow fall tonight, Mario Merelli reported earlier today. We hope forecasts are right by announcing good weather for Friday in that case, well go up.

The beauty of the surrounding mountains leaves me breathless, and keep my hopes up for a summit, Mario said. Yet, I cant help but think of Stefano, still missing on K2. It seems like yesterday when we were together on K2, back in 2004. I recall his reserved manners, his discreet sympathy, or how he would suddenly smile Theres still no news from him.

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