Weve started the final push for the North Pole, deciding to extend our walking time to 12 hours, but also sleeping 1.5 hours longer each night, reported Borge Ousland. Image of Borge at dinner time, courtesy of Mike Horn (click to enlarge).
After a long wait at Resolute Bay due to poor ice conditions, Ice Warrior Jim McNeill will be airlifted to the place he should have been by now if he had started skiing on the planned date. Live image over Contact 4.0 of the aircraft courtesy of Ice Warrior 4 Poles expedition (click to enlarge).
Arctic Wrap-up: Everest climber Cecilie Skog and Polar Star Matty McNair checking out of Resolute Bay

Posted: Mar 10, 2006 02:10 pm EST
(ThePoles.com) Matty's team and the Norwegian crew, including Everest climber Cecilie Skog, have all been airlifted to their starting point at Ward Hunt island in Canada, joining Richard Weber, Conrad Dickinson and the Finnish Airborne Rangers on the ice. The 5 teams are now all headed for the North Pole from the Canadian side - a far more lonely experience than climbing Mount Everest.

Also Ice Warrior Jim McNeill is headed back out there - somewhere - to start his trip towards the point of Inaccessibility. Jim has scrubbed the original plan to do a full, unsupported trip and is now focused on scientific work.

Meanwhile, Borge and Mike have upped their daily skiing schedule in their race against the sun.

North Pole Winter

Borge and Mike: Longer days

Weve started the final push for the North Pole, deciding to extend our walking time to 12 hours, but also sleeping 1.5 hours longer each night, reported Borge.

This evening we came to a huge open lead that was impossible to cross, and we had to change our course and follow the edge of the ice. But we pressed on and are now within 87 degrees latitude and are starting the countdown with 311 km to go.

NP and crossing teams from Russia

Bettina & Jean Gabriel: Evenings with the neighbors

It has been a very cold night and Bettina has been freezing all night, reported the pairs home team. During the day it seemed impossible for her to regain warmth even though they walked faster.

They made ready for camp early as they wanted to try get warm. When they were making the camp, they suddenly heard dogs barking. It was of course the expedition of Paul Landry. They camped right next to Bettina and Jean-Gabriel and invited them over for dinner. Now, a dinner invitation on the Polar Sea means you bring your own food and water. But then you can sit around the warm fire and enjoy the good company.

NP ad crossing teams from Canada

Ice Warrior: Off again at last

On Friday (today) I'll be off once more - restarting from where I should have got to by now and therefore catching up with plan, reported Jim McNeill from Resolute Bay. The main aim now is get the ice and snow depth data for NASA/NSIDC as I progress through the Magnetic Pole which should be some 200 miles away - depending on where I end up being flown.

Matty McNair: There we go

Matty McNair is guiding Mike Barry from Ireland and Daniel Keren from Israel to the Geographic North Pole from Ward Hunt Island (Canada). The team will get two resupplies and count on 54 days to get to the Pole.

Finnish Airborne Rangers: Arctic rush hour

In line with recent days, the distance traveled today is rather modest (1.6 km), even though we have been fighting the pack ice for 7 hours, 20 minutes, reported the team. The going just seemed to get tougher as the day drew on. We stuck with the Double Carry, but this time on foot. Our Fischer skis are still in perfect condition, but in this terrain of crushed ice it is much easier to progress on foot than on skis.

We are not alone. There seems to be bit of a rush-hour going on around here. Tonight, only 100 meters from our camp, is another camp: a 3-man Norwegian expedition (Ed. Note: Cecilie Skog, Per-Henry and Rolf Bae). Yesterday we bumped into Richard Weber. Some distance behind us is yet another 3-man group lead by Matty McNair. All these expeditions have similar goals: to reach the Pole at the end of April.

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