A Nepali ExWeb reader scanned this KTM press article about the expelled American climber (click to enlarge).
First Everest climber down for Tibet

Posted: Apr 23, 2008 06:26 am EDT
(MountEverest.net) This just...well, hot off the press! Kathmandu Post reports that an American climber is first man down in the recent ban of pro-Tibetan props on the south side of Everest. The mountaineer has been footed from the peak after police found a Tibetan flag on him.

The American reportedly joined permit with the Everest ECO expedition, led by Dawa Sherpa whose dad Ang Tshering owns the popular climbing agency Asian Trekking.

The American climber has not been named and is probably just sharing the team's Everest climbing permit.

Only this Monday Nepalese soldiers and police were authorized to shoot protesters on Everest. Apparently, police found the banner on the climber in BC. It's not clear if he flew it or if he was searched for it. The officials immediately told the mountaineer to pack up and currently enroute back to Kathmandu; to many this American is coming home a hero.

Head of the Nepal Mountaineering association and spokes-person for CTMA in China, Ang Tshering was latest involved in an attempt for lower climbing fees in order to promote Nepal mountaineering.

The ECO Everest expedition plans to draw attention to climate change threats affecting Himalayan Glaciers and has no western climber listed on its website.