"Today I went to Bouddhanath temple with the Sherpas to get a special blessing from a Buddhist Lama - he blessed us and the materials that we will be using at our puja at base camp," reports Lance Trumbull. Live image over Contact 4.0 courtesy of Everest Peace Project (click to enlarge).
Simon Lowe sipping tea. Image by David Hamilton courtesy of Jagged Globe (Click to enlarge).
Dr. Luanne (in the center of the image) is currently in Periche, visiting the HRA clinic. Temperatures drow as trekkers and climbers reach higher altitude. Image over Contact 3.0 courtesy of BaseCampClinic (click to enlarge).
The Andalucian expedition a few days back in Pathan, Kathmandu valley. Image courtesy of Deporte Andaluz (click to enlarge).
Italian climbers study the aproaching trek to Makalu BC, across Maoist territory. The climbers ended up playing soccer with the rebels. Image by Daniele Nardi courtesy of Mountain Freedom (click to enlarge).
Everest daily wrap-up: Soccer with the rebels, Brazilian quest for Everest, and Contact tech

Posted: Mar 30, 2006 03:26 pm EST
(MountEverest.net) Season in full gear, we receive news from the road to Everest: Kathmandu, Namche, Dingboche, Periche Climbers write up their blogs from internet-cafes or connect their laptops to satellite. Others call home teams, who update expedition websites. Folks using Contact 4.0 send images, videos, voice dispatches and text straight to their website over satellite phone. When the climb begins, we'll be able to track their position and other stuff on an interactive 3D map.

One who has really put Contact to the test is Lance Trumbull of the Everest Peace project. Following four years of struggle to get his expedition off the ground, Lance went live yesterday. Check his site: Everestpeaceproject.org

Changing the subject or maybe not - the Italians have found a peaceful point of understanding with the Maoist rebels: The climbers and the guerrilla solved their differences in a game of soccer (with Italians mixed in both teams).

Everest North

Everest Peace Project: Ultimate multimedia live reports

While climbers are out mingling and partying - Lance is at his computer working. It has been three and a half years in the making and the time is finally here! Our coverage of the 2006 Everest Climb for Peace has begun, he reports from Kathmandu. Using Contact 4.0s full possibilities, Lance's dispatches include text, images, voice reports, expedition tracking in a 3D, multi-layered map of Everest and videos - all live. Check the link - Lance has included detailed instructions of how it all works.

Lance is pretty busy organizing his multi-national, multi-creed expedition.

I am now in Kathmandu organizing expedition stuff with Jamie McGuiness our climbing director and co-leader, he writes. Today I went to Bouddhanath temple with the Sherpas to get a special blessing from a Buddhist Lama - he blessed us and the gear (prayers flags etc.) that we will be using at our puja (offering) ceremony at base camp and advanced base camp.

Vikings Sky-ski expedition: The time has come

Swedish Tomas Olsson and Norwegian Tormod Granheim have departed Scandinavia for Tibet. The two will attempt the first ski descent from Everest North side. The route will depend on the snow conditions, but the Vikings hope they will be able to ski down the North face.

Ken Stalter: Safe and sound in KTM teams sherpa injured on Pumori

Dr. Ken Stalter, member in SummitClimb team, is back in Kathmandu "safe and sound.

Ken met his climbing team and says they all seem compatible, reports his wife from NYC. He and Dan Mazur went to the hospital to visit Lakpa Chirri, a Sherpa who would have been going with them to Mount Everest. Lapka fell while climbing Pumori and broke his leg--a tibial fracture with a nerve contusion.

Over the next few days the team will go to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu to apply for visas to enter Tibet. Kathmandu is a big, busy, smoggy city, so Ken will be glad when they can head to the mountains, added Kens wife (herself a New Yorker!).

Brazilians w/o oxygen: Two teams, one goal - and a joker on the other side of Everest

Two teams are returning to Everest from its Tibetan side this spring. Both teams hope to become the first Brazilians to summit the peak without supplementary O2.

The two teams consist of Vitor Negrete and Rodrigo Raineri in one, and married couple Paulo and Helena Coelho in the other. Vitor summited Everest on oxygen last year on June 2.

Paulo and Helena will attempt Everest for the 8th time (!) in their goal to summit without O2 or high altitude Sherpas.

On the other side of the mountain, Ana Elisa Boscarioli, a plastic surgeon from Brazil, has joined Adventure Consultants to attempt Everest from the South side. Ana Elisa hopes to become the first Brazilian woman to summit Everest. She in turn will climb with supplementary O2 and strong Sherpa support.

Andalucía Everest: Training on Island Peak

After a few days days in Kathmandu, and before heading for Tibet to attempt Everest from its north side, the Andalucian (Spanish) team is in Namche, hiking Khumbu valley and climbing Island Peak for acclimatization.

Everest South

Paul & Fiona: The higher you get, the colder

Following a cold night, Paul Adler appreciated a sunny Dingboche yesterday:

I had to pull my sleeping bag tight around my head to keep warm. Its still a light bag, and we have warmer ones for base camp. In the morning there was ice in our water bottles and our toothpaste was firm, but still usable. The trail was icy so we had to be very careful with our footing.

Today, in a scheduled rest day to acclimatize, the couple has visited the HRA clinic at nearby Periche, where they've given a lecture on altitude sickness.

Alpine Ascents: Namche, the fast way

We are now sitting in Namche Bazaar, wrote Dave yesterday. This morning we flew from Kathmandu on two MI 17 helicopters into the airstrip above Namche in perfectly clear skies.

Our trekking group flew into the region this morning as well but landed a bit lower in Lukla and is spending the night in Phakding. Tomorrow afternoon well reunite here.

A couple of us had a spectacular but brief view of Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumori and Everest from the cockpit of the helicopter. Unfortunately the skies around Namche are very hazy by mid morning right now due to many fires just below Lukla and in the surrounding area of the Kathmandu valley. Fires have been flaring up as we hit the heart of the dry season.

BaseCampMD: Periche

We were welcomed back in Pheriche yesterday by the HRA clinic staff, reported Dr. Luanne. Today well spend our time doing clinic inventory our tent and staple items have already headed up the hill to start making camp.

Jagged Globe: Off to Lukla

All team members, less Kenton and Carlos, left early on the flight to Lukla on Tuesday, reported JG British team. By 0830 of the first day on trek, we were sitting sipping tea at Phakding. This was an easy day, with a comfortable, largely downhill stroll of 3 hours. After good food, plenty of tea, a good night's sleep and great hospitality, the team set off at 0730, on Wednesday morning, for the big climb to Namche. Shortly beyond the Sagamartha Park gate at Monjo, the team settled down for tea and a slow lunch.

Today everyone was happy to take a break today in Namche. As the name of the game is acclimatization with minimal effort, this was readily agreed, so today is one for washing, writing, reading and taking even greater quantities of tea.


Italian Makalu team: Playing soccer with the Maoists

The team reports from Tashi Gaon, en route to Makalu BC, which they hope to reach in 4-5 days. The trek form Kondhari got the team immersed in a world where time has stopped: People live in straw huts and grow their fields by hand. It is extraordinary, reported Daniele Nardi as he described the landscape and the villages.

At a point we meet the Maoist, about 70 of them, Daniele further wrote. Theyre all young boys and girls, armed to thir teeth. In the small dust square of the village, rising 1000m above a river, I quickly make two teams, and we play football with the Maoists.


Iñaki Ochoa: Hemos vuelto

In Namche Bazaar, still far from Manaslu (a peak approached from Pokhara), Spaniard Iñaki Ochoa wrote an article for Diario de Navarra before joining the rest of an international team led by German Pete Guggemos to attempt Manaslus normal route.

Iñaki headlined the article Hemos Vuelto (we are back) - not referring to Himalaya however but to the fact that following a fight last winter, he is back with his girlfriend.

After Manaslu, Iñaki hopes to give Dhaulagiri a try.

Cho Oyu

Austrian team: Target the Turquoise Goddess

Hubert Rieger is leading a small group to Cho Oyu (8201m) from its normal route. They are leaving Austria on April 18, hoping to reach ABC on April 28.

Rieger was co-leader with Gerfried Göschl last spring on Shisha Pangma. Hubert reached the central summit, whilst Gerfried proceed up to the main summit.

Besides Rieger, other Cho Oyu team members are: Austrian Leopold Schausberger (who summited Shisha Main in 1987), Austrian Markus Grasl, and Swiss Daniel Schrag.

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