It's cold up here! Kinga Baranowska's self-portrait on Kangchenjunga summit, courtesy of Kinga (click to enlarge).
DAV Summit Club Dhaulagiri Expedition members on top last Tuesday, courtesy of DAV Summit Club's website (click to enlarge).
Topo of Denis' new route on Cho Oyu's SE face courtesy of RussianClimb (click to enlarge).
Hungarian Zsolt Eross on Manaslu (8156 m) Rocky Summit. Sadly, the mountain claimed fellow climber Levente Szabó, who reportedly fell to his death after turning back at 7800 meters and descending to Camp IV. Image courtesy of the expedition.
Himalaya wrap-up: Manaslu claims Hungarian climber, Edurne airlifted from BC

Posted: May 21, 2009 04:02 pm EDT
( Additional summit reports have reached ExplorersWeb from Lhotse, Dhaulagiri and Kangchenjunga; Edurne Pasaban and Alex Chicon were airlifted from Kangch BC and Denis Urubko sent a topo of the new route hes just opened on Cho Oyus SE face.

It's a wicked Himalaya 8000+ season however - the range has claimed yet another life, this time on Manaslu.

Manaslu claims Hungarian climber

"Hungarian climbers, Zsolt Eross and Daniel Barna summited Manaslu (8156 m), including it's very top Rocky Summit," confirmed press correspondent Szabolcs Vincze to ExWeb in an email today. "40 years old Eross reached the peak in 19th of May, 10 am local time, followed by his climbing mate, Barna after a couple of hours."

"Manaslu is Eross's 8th 8000+ summit, his previous 8k+ climbs include Nanga Parbat, Mount Everest and Dhaulagiri."

"Sadly, the mountain claimed fellow climber Levente Szabo, who reportedly fell to his death after turning back at 7800 meters and descending to Camp IV. He was found and buried at 6800 meters. Other members of the expedition returned to base camp unhurt."

Dhaulagiri: Stitzinger & Co on top on Tuesday

DAV Summit Club Dhaulagiri Expedition 2009 from Germany summited on 19th May, Louis Stitzinger told ExplorersWeb over email from BC. 7 out of 9 expedition members topped-out: Helga Söll, Alexandra Robl, Alix von Melle, Jürgen Greher, Bernd Müller, Rupert Hauer, and Luis Stitzinger (expedition leader).

That day also 2 Koreans and 1 Japanese (names unknown) summited in perfect weather and route conditions after a very stormy night, Louis added. Most summiteers took 13-14 hrs of climbing up and 4-5 hrs down from the summit.

Louis and Rupert are not yet done with Dhaula though. They still hope to summit again, and then ski all the way back down to BC

Lhotse: further summits yesterday

I summited on Wednesday at 2:30pm, local time, Xavi Arias reported once back in C4 yesterday. The climb was tough due to bitter cold Im wasted, Xavi added. The Catalan climber hoped to reach C2 and maybe even BC - today.

Our Irish member, Domhnall Dochartaigh summited Lhotse on the 19th, SummitClimbs Arnold Coster reported yesterday. On Wednesday, Roger Danks (UK) and Josette Valloton (Switzerland) summited as well.

Kangchenjunga: Edurne and Alex airlifted

Edurne and Alex Chicon were airlifted from BC to Kathmandu earlier today. They are flying to Spain tomorrow an ambulance is waiting for them at the airport, ready to take them to the Zaragoza hospital, specialized in mountain medicine, where Edurne recovered from frostbites she sustained on K2 in 2004.

Kingas lonely summit pic

Kinga Baranowska has confirmed all in Zerains team are back in BC. Koke Lasa is back in BC with some frostnip/frostbite on his nose, she reported. Oscar Cadiach has climbed to C1 today he arrived in BC later than the rest of the team.

As for summits among team-mates, she was the only on to top-out on May 18th. I was climbing with Juano Garra, but he eventually turned around, so I summited alone. Alberto Zerain topped-out on the following morning after a fast ascent from C4.

Kinga confirmed she didn´t use supplementary O2. She will also post a video of her arrival on top.

Cho Oyu: Denis new route topo

Back in Kathmandu, Kazakh Denis Urubko sent RussianClimb a topo showing the new route he recently oponed on CHo Oyus SE face. Denis line goes straight up the face and eventually joins the winter Polish route.

Kazakhs Denis Urubko and Boris Dedeshko climbed Cho Oyu's SE face in alpine style via a new route on May 11th - a remarkable finish of the 14x8000ers project for Urubko.

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