Korean trash in GI BC (click to enlarge).
Korean expedition campsite after the team left (click to enlarge).
It's especially bad when sponsor brands are left in a disgraceful position (click to enlarge).
Czech climbers on GI's summit, Aug 3. All images courtesy of Martin Liska/Czech GI 2009 expedition (click to enlarge).
More trash-talk: Martin Liska's images from G1 BC

Posted: Sep 08, 2009 02:55 pm EDT
(K2Climb.net) Arian Lemal's trash report last week sure made waves. "Unfortunately, the Iranians attitude is not uncommon," he told ExplorersWeb.

One after the other, climbers confessed to Arian. "I crevasse my rubbish," said one; "last year I dumped my rubbish in camp four because I had a heavy pack," said another.

Modern technology brings the heat up even more. Climbers with cameras now document sad remnants of expeditions and short of making citizen's arrests; at least turn the evidence in for public embarrassment.

Responsibility goes all the way

The problem is two-fold: one is what we leave behind; another is keeping after our staff. Asked about trash left by her expedition this spring, Korean Miss Oh said she really was unaware, but concerned.

I will definitely ask my Sherpas and get the matter fixed, she said. I am very concerned about the environment, so it is also my responsibility to brief my team properly on waste management. Ill make sure we leave no trash behind.

The Czech Gasherbrum I expedition now provides pics that Miss Oh definitely needs to discuss with her Sherpa and outfitting team.

We were the last expedition leaving BC and we were shocked to check what the campsite of the Korean expedition looked like, Martin Liska wrote in an email to ExplorersWeb.

Miss Oh left BC by helicopter. In my opinion though, it is the task of the expedition leader, the liaison officer and the agency to leave the place clean - and this was far from the reality.

Martin Liska was member in the Czech Gasherbrum I expedition led by Marek Holecek. Other team members were Zdenek Hrubý, Jan Trávnícek, David Knikl, Jaroslav Netík, Kamil Havlícek and Jakub Vanek.

Jan Trávnícek, David Knikl and Jaroslav Netík summited GI on August 3, 2009 together with Miss Ohs and Carlos Sorias teams. According to the expedition, leader Marek Holecek also topped-out in a lonely push on August 10th.

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