File image of Park Young-Seok during his North Pole trip courtesy of Park's North Pole expedition website.

Park Young-Seok summits Everest from Tibet - then traverses to the South side!

Posted: May 12, 2006 07:38 am EDT
( Korean Park Young-Seok Park summited Everest via its north side yesterday, and proceeded down via Nepals side with no ropes fixed yet! Details are sketchy, but according to Korean Dong-A (one of Parks sponsors for the current expedition) he summited on May 11, accompanied by SherapJangbu Sherpa (37) and Oh Hee-jun .

No ropes - no tent

After spending one hour at the top, Park and the Sherpa started descending toward the SE ridge on the Nepalese side. Without a tent to stay in (and no ropes fixed above the South Col), Parks success depends on whether he can reach Camp 1 installed on the Nepalese side by other expedition by the afternoon of May 12, states Dong-A.

The Everest Crossing Expedition arrived at Tibets Everest base camp on April 10. The team is comprised of five Korean climbers and four Sherpas.

Expedition's plans

Oh Hee-jun (36) and Sherap Jangbu arrived at the top at 12:50 pm, added Dong-A. Park joined the two about two hours later because he had to care for first-time climber Lee Hyeong-mo (27). Then Oh and Lee returned to the teams highest camp on the North side. Park and Sherap Jangbu plan to arrive at Lukla via a Nepalese base camp and head for Katmandu on an airplane, while the rest of the team members cross over to the Nepalese side from Tibet. The expedition will start withdrawing their camp as soon as Parks return is known, and return to Korea around May 20.

Friends awaiting in South side BC

Everest BC clinic's Dr. Luanne Freer, has confirmed the news:

"Lakpa is preparing katas and coke to greet his friend Sherap Jangbu Sherpa, who called to tell him he had just completed a traverse from Northside (Tibet) over Everests summit to our South side with his Korean partner and is due down to our base camp this afternoon" she reported earlier today.

Park Young-Seok (43) has not only skied to both poles - he also climbed all 14, 8000ers (the latest summit being that of K2 in 2001) and completed the 7 Summits. As Mr Park used resupplies for the North Pole and oxygen on climbs, the next step in the world Grand Slam is to climb all 14, 8000ers without oxygen and ski to both Poles without support.

Oh Hee-jun teamed up with Park on both polar trips.