More and more climbers are summiting Everest from the North side, thanks to a remarkably long period of generally good weather. The massive South side summit push starts tonight. Image of Turkish team member on the summit yesterday, courtesy of the exedition team (click to enlarge).
Virtually every climber that feels fit enough is headed up to Everest's summit. Many hope to reach the top this week while some have already suceeded. Image of climbers on the summit, seen on the North side's final meters, courtesy of the Turkish Everest expedition (click to enlarge).
Vikings Tomas Olsson and Tormod Granheim summited Everest this morning, and were skiing down the Norton Couloir. News is expected soon on their safe arrival to (any) camp. Image of Tormod on Everest some days ago, courtesy of (click to enlarge).
"At the back (during our latest trip above NC) was our senior guide Nickolay Cherni, though 67 years old, one of the strongest men on the planet. A walking history of climbing, last year he guided our first group of clients to the summit (age 66!). The Sherpas lovingly call him 'Papa' and he will kick many people half his age's behind." Image of Nickolay courtesy of Harry Kikstra/ SightOnEverest (click to enlarge).
"I told them to cover up, but they wanted this shot," said Vern Tejas, AA team's guide and author of the photo. Members are relaxing today in C2. Live image over Contact 4.0, courtesy of Alpine Ascents (click to enlarge).
Everest wrap-up: More north side summits south side summit day starts tonight!

Posted: May 16, 2006 01:50 pm EDT
( More and more climbers are summiting Everest from the north side, thanks to a remarkably long period of generally good weather except for isolated snowfalls. Himexs second team succeeded yesterday, including disabled Mark Inglis; there were also reports on Malaysian Ravi topping out, as well as unconfirmed news on Filipino Dale Abenojar reaching the summit, despite previous reports stating he had aborted his attempt.

But the big news is that Vikings Tomas Olsson and Tormod Granheim summited Everest this morning, and skied down the Norton Couloir. News is expected soon on their safe arrival to (any) camp.

On the south side, teams are positioning between C3 and C4: Jagged Globe team and a group of international climbers, including Filipino Leo Emata, are setting off toward the summit tonight! They hope to stay right behind the rope-fixing Sherpas reportedly on the Balcony earlier today.

Everest West

British Army West ridge team: Siege tactics slowed down by snowfall

"Near white-out conditions have hit the climbing teams and this has slowed progress considerably, reports the expeditions home team. Over the next few days, the two summit teams will move up the mountain from camp to camp until they reach Camp 5 at the base of the Summit Pyramid. By the time they arrive, it is hoped that the Diagonal Ditch Team will have made good headway fixing ropes, giving the teams a clear passage to the bottom of the Hornbein Couloir.

At the moment, it's predicted that the route up the couloir will be fixed between Wednesday and Friday. If the weather supports the attempt, the climbers will then continue on to the summit.

Everest North

Disabled Mark Inglis (Himex): Summit!

Mark summited Everest yesterday, in a group of Himex team climbers. In addition to Mark, summiteers were guides Woody and Shaun, two cameramen, 10 high altitude porters (Sherpas and Tibetans), and five other clients.

Mystery Filipino climber Dale Abenojar: Kikstras comments, uncorfirmed summit and media buzz

Harry Kikstra is down the valley, recovering after the teams last acclimatization trip.

On the way down from the North Col though, Harry met someone unexpectedly: Filipino climber Dale Abenojar. Dale, lacking climbing experience, had been seen days before heading down the valley on the back of a yak. So when Harry found him Friday, between ABC and C1 'apparently going for the summit' he was very surprised.

Just days ago, the Philippine media had reported on Dale calling it quits on the mountain. Previous comments from his supporters had pointed to the climber feeling lonely and depressed.

But yesterday there were new reports on Dale not only remaining on Everest, but also on him reaching the summit. Details are sketchy and the news has yet to be confirmed a complete report and proof is expected from Abenojar soon.

Malaysian Ravi: Summit!

Malaysian businessman Ravichandran Tharumalingam summited Everest at 2.15pm (4.15pm Malaysian time) yesterday, according to the New Straits Times online newspaper. Ravi comprised the Treverest Charity expedition.

Everestmax: First teams summiteers tomorrow?

Seb and Chris planned to head for C3 today, using supplementary O2, reported the team. Phil and Pauline hoped to reach C2 yesterday, but decided to remain one day in C1 due to excess of traffic on the mountain. A second group of climbers are starting up today, hoping to summit later this week.

Brazilians: Vitor on a No O2 summit push

While Rodrigo Ranieri needs some time to recover from his previous trip up, Vitor Negrete is fit and ready. Counting on the good forecasts, he has launched a no O2 summit bid. Yesterday he reached ABC; today he hopes to proceed up to C2: then to C3 tomorrow and, hopefully, he would leave for the summit early Thursday morning.

The Brazilians reported on a worrying rumor in BC, about four climbers being missing on the mountain. However, no other team has reported on these missing members, nor has the information been confirmed by other climbers.

Joby Ogwyn: Speed-record attempt, take 2

Although the information has been posted on the teams website just today, there is a new dispatch stating that Joby Ogwyn began his second speed record attempt on May 14, at 6 p.m. Tibetan time. News on the results is expected soon.

Carlos Garranzo: One more bet for May 18

Spaniard Carlos Garranzo is also on his summit bid, planning to reach the top on May 18.

Ecuadorians: Summit planned for May 19

The Ecuadorian team has completed their acclimatization process and is currently on their summit push. Summit day is planned for May 19.

Bill and Anne (DCXP/Project-Himalaya): Joining the crowds

Yesterday we heard that 16 people summited from the North side, reported Bill and Anne. From BC we have a perfectly clear view to the top, there is very little wind right now.

Chris and Mike R. are moving up to the North Col on a possible summit attempt, added team leader Scott. Marnie is also moving to the North Col today. Hugo and Inigo are also in position to go higher and are at our ABC camp at 21,000 ft. now.

The weather has been exceptional over the last week. Unfortunately, the bulk of our team has been slightly out of position to take advantage of the current weather window. So our plans call to move the rest of our team up to ABC camp over the next 2 days. That will be Scott, Laurie, Kevin, Fred, Johan, Michael K. and Anne.

Comarques Gironines: Summit push from C2 tonight

The Spanish team planned to leave for the summit tonight, all the way from C2. Departure is scheduled at 10:00 pm.

Everest Peace Project: Ali back, Dudu and Micha on the NC

Palestinian Ali Bushnaq had to turn round due to health problems before reaching the North col. Israelis Dudu and Micha and a few other team members reached the Col and will spend the night there..

Turkish: Back in ABC today

After a successful summit bid (check yesterdays stories), the Turkish team members reached C1 for the night. Theyll proceed down to ABC today.

Ken Stalter (Summit Climb): Summit plans for Saturday O2 from C1

Ken and Summit Climb team members moved to Advanced Base Camp yesterday, reported Kens home team. Team members who didn't go to Jangmu will move up to the North Col today.

The weather report SummitClimb team has received is that conditions will be favorable on the mountain through May 19, so they hope to reach the summit by about May 19. Ken plans to start using supplementary oxygen on his way to Camp 2 to conserve his strength.

Everest South

Jagged Globe: Summit day starts tonight

Guides Kenton and Carlos and team members, Baz, Rhys, Harry and Phil reached C3 yesterday. Today they are heading for C4, ready to set off for the summit tonight, trusting the Sherpas will have finished fixing the ropes by then.

South sides Filipino climbers: Leo in C4

Philippine media reports on official team member Leo Oracion being among the group of climbers currently in C4, aiming to set off for the summit tonight. Romi Garduce has preferred to follow a regular pace, and is currently between C2 and C3.

Polish Falvit team: C3

The Polish team has reported today from C3. Theyre apparently going ahead with their summit plans.

Mallorca: Sherpas at work summit on Thursday

Team members are in C3, while the Sherpas are fixing the first 500 vertical meters above the South Col, reported the expeditions home team. Forecasts are good and the teams spirits are high. Theyll try to reach the summit on May 18.

IMG: Sherpas at the Balcony - climbers in C3 today

Sherpas Danuru and Tashi moved to the Col on Sunday, in order to start fixing rope to the Balcony, reported the expeditions home team. The first summit team will be Walter, Karl, Markus, JF, Dawa Nuru, and Justin, all moving to C3 on Tuesday.

Climbers with IMG have divided into three teams. The second team is currently in C2, and the third team will reach C2 tomorrow.

Adventure Consultants: C2 summit planned for Friday

Hi all, we're having a well deserved rest at Camp 2 watching about 60 people heading up the Lhotse face to Camp 3 and 4, reported the team.

Members will move to C3 tomorrow, hoping to summit by May 19.

Alpine Ascents: Cool C2 rest

AA team members are also resting in C2, after climbing there from BC yesterday.

Paul and Fiona: Summit bid starting tomorrow

After hearing the latest reports of good weather for the upcoming days, the Australian couple has decided to leave BC tomorrow on their summit bid.

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