More then a tablet book: this is a COFFEE tablet book. It includes slideshows, video, and sound clips. "And yet the design follows the aesthetic tradition of a photo-heavy book that you'd proudly display on your coffee table," says John Harlin.
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The new wave in publishing: Everest "coffee tablet book"

Posted: Dec 12, 2012 12:36 am EST
(Newsdesk) Innovation and adaption to new tech is closing this year at ExplorersWeb. If you have a stick to add to the fire, we're all ears. Here's one from the digital world of publishing.

Former editor of the American Alpine Journal, Harlin III thinks Everest: High Expectations (by Pat Morrow and Sharon Wood) "is at the vanguard of the new wave in publishing."

"It's an iPad-only book about two milestone Canadian expeditions to Everest in the 1980s," John wrote in an email heads-up. "One journey takes Pat Morrow to the summit after four people died early in the expedition. The other is Sharon Wood's struggle for the top via a new route with no Sherpa support--a route that has never been repeated."

John says the story is superbly written but, "what truly sets it apart," he reckons, "is that this is the first mountain book to fully utilize the incredible new iBooksAuthor system from Apple, which helps authors create multi-media 'coffee tablet books'."

The expression "coffee tablet book" was coined last August by Everest's publisher, Frank Edwards, Harlin explains.

"I think it's brilliant. The idea is to bring a book to life like never before, including slideshows, video, and sound clips. And yet the design follows the aesthetic tradition of a photo-heavy book that you'd proudly display on your coffee table."

"So it's a 'coffee tablet' book."

If you love high adventure, new tech and own an iPad - this one is for you. In fact, it could be history. "It's, perhaps the very first climbing book designed specifically for today's most exciting medium," Harlin said.

As for digital outdoors publishing, his next venture, John figures, "iPad and otherwise, I'm convinced that growth in publishing will be in tablets."

Check out the Everest coffee tablet book here.

(Disclaimer: Harlin has no business connection to Everest: High Expectations. "I just happen to think it's a fantastic book that your readers might like to discover.")

In 2007 John Harlin III published a memoir, The Eiger Obsession: Facing the Mountain That Killed My Father. The book and John's climb of the peak resulted in an IMAX film by MacGillivray Freeman Films The Alps: Climb of Your Life.

Harlin edited American Alpine Journal until July 2012. The journal is a record of mountain exploration as reported by new-route climbers in their own words. Find it at AAJ’s new website.

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