The Polish team glued to their computer screens at Broad Peak Base Camp.
courtesy Polish 2012-13 Winter Broad Peak, SOURCE
After the discussions, playing chess was the only option.
courtesy Polish 2012-13 Winter Broad Peak, SOURCE
Pakistan Winter Broad Peak: To go or not to go?

Posted: Mar 01, 2013 04:34 pm EST
(Newsdesk) According to the latest weather forecasts, March 5th looks most suitable for summiting Broad Peak, says the Polish team, who are waiting out the weather at Base Camp since February 18th.

These are difficult times, says the home team on Facebook, as the team has to make crucial tactical decisions. The next attempt will most likely be their last chance to get up the mountain and they compare the dilemma tomorrow, March 2nd, to a Shakespeare drama:

"To go or not to go? That is the question!"

The team explains their two options:

First: Set off from BC for Camp 2 on the 2nd
- climb to Camp 4 on the 3rd
- and make a summit push on the 4th
- have the 5th as a Reserve day

Counting against this option is that there will still be pretty high winds at 7000m on March 3rd, writes the home team. "The threat is that if the team does not reach C4, they will lose power, and will not be able to make a summit push on either the 4th or 5th."

Second option is to leave BC for C2 on the 3rd
- climb to C4 on the 4th
- and make the summit push on the 5th.

This option leaves no margin for safety if something would go wrong, such a sudden change in the weather forecast, they say. "There is also no room for improvisation and a possible plan B. On March 6th the weather window closes."

The climbers do not want to split up in two teams. Climbing together gives them the greatest chance of success, adds the team.

"Online brainstorming continues. The team manager [Krzysztof Wielicki] has a very difficult job to do."

A note from the climbing community to ExplorersWeb reads, "this Polish team is a good and strong one. They so much deserve to bag Broad Peak in Winter."

The support agency in Pakistan for the Polish Winter Broad Peak 2012-13 is Jasmine Tours Pakistan

No new news about Joel Wischnewski's search on Nanga Parbat as the HAPs are also waiting for better weather at BC.

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