Image of Thomas Weber, lost on Everest today.
Everest: Thomas, Harry, Lincoln update

Posted: May 25, 2006 09:40 am EDT
( 7Summits/7Summits-club team member Lorenzo Gariano reported alarming news this morning on his website about an accident on Everest last night, involving blind climber Thomas Weber. The information is also out on numerous blog entries including on the expedition website, but still unconfirmed by the expedition leaders. Lorenzos original report has since been removed by his webmaster. Further news is expected from the team soon.

(Story updated 10:45 pm EST)

Listen to Lorenzos voice dispatches in English and Italian on Lorenzo Garianos blog.

Harry Kikstra contacted ABC yesterday from C3 confirming he, Thomas, Lincoln and three Sherpa's were about to start their summit push. They reported on great weather conditions.

7Summits/7Summits-club co-leader Harry Kikstra was guiding visually challenged Thomas Weber. Thomas' sight was affected by altitude to the point of leaving him blind from a certain level.

Australian Lincoln Hall was on the team that made the 1984 first ascent of the Great (Norton) Couloir, written up in the book 'White Limbo', where Swedish Tomas Olsson recently lost his life.

Back in 1984 Lincoln turned back at 8300m with cold feet, and on the last page of White Limbo he wrote, "Though I shall never see the summit panorama other than through the eyes and hearts of Tim and Greg, I know that no view is worth that price."

7Summits/7Summits-club, one of the largest teams on Everest's North side this year, already lost one member: Igor Plyushkin died on May 22.