Annapurna as seen from BC today; clear but windy.
Annapurna Summit Push Update and Other Eight-Thousanders Round Up

Posted: Apr 13, 2016 01:49 pm EDT

(By Raheel Adnan) Annapurna is the focal point of climbing action at the moment where climbers launched the long-awaited summit push, yesterday. Teams on other eight-thousander peaks have majorly been trekking and acclimatizing enroute to respective Base Camps.

Annapurna Update
Summit push is underway on Annapurna. Rope-fixing Sherpa and some climbers were expected to go up from C2 to C3 today. Behind them, second group of climbers ascended to C2. “Checking in safely from C2. 3.5hrs. Even got to break trail for a while. Blue bird day till now, snow and clouds. Expect C3 to take 8-9hrs.” American climber Matt Du Puy messaged this afternoon.

Finally, Spaniard Carlos Soria decided to delay departure from BC for a day. The team went up to C1 this morning.


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