Cleo Weidlich with Sherpas.
courtesy Cleo Weidlich, SOURCE
Cleo at summit of Gasherbrum I
courtesy Cleo Weidlich, SOURCE
At the summit of Kangchenjunga
courtesy Cleo Weidlich, SOURCE
Summit of Cho Oyu 2009
courtesy Cleo Weidlich, SOURCE
Cleo Weidlich: "My climb on the Everest Massif will continue with or without ladders"

Posted: May 08, 2014 11:07 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) The only team left on Everest south side, American Cleo Weidlich's Lhotse expedition is confronting mountain conditions as well as human resistance. Originally part of the Hungarians who came to Everest south after abandoning Shisha, Cleo yesterday posted on FB:  


"This is just to let you know that my climb on the Everest Massif will continue with or without ladders. I have climbed some of the world's most dangerous mountain WITHOUT them and this mountain is, actually, very tame when I compare it with the likes of Nanga Parbat, Annapurna 1 and Kangchenjunga."


"I refuse to give in to the pressures of the Everest mafia. I'd like to decide for myself when I have reached my limits."


"Thanks to ALL of you for all the positive energy; I can feel it...


Previous posts


FB May 6


I'm working against the wind here. After SPCC found out I went up to deposit equipment at C1, its manager ordered all ladders to be removed early this morning. It has been really difficult to trust both the ice fall doctors and the SPCC. They say they support my climbing, but when I turn away they sabotage whatever I do to advance it.


FB Wednesday April 30


The Nepali Army was here at EBC today, to check if everything is okay. The Army heli performed several flights over the Khumbu ice fall, and C1- C2. To ascertain that nobody had climbed without a permit. All expeditions: independent, commercial, and international have left EBC. The Nepali Army will be here when I climb the ice fall on Saturday.


FB Sunday Apr 27


Everest was never closed for climbing this season 2014. It's unfortunate that the misinformed bloggers continue to blast the Internet with biased unfounded information. 
I arrived EBC today, and I'm here to climb.
The Ministry of Sports Tourism and Aviation has urged every climber who can climb the Everest Massif "mano a mano" to do so in support of our great mountais.




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