Fifteen climbers summited Manaslu today and are already descending to lower camps.
First Summits on Manaslu, No Success on Makalu, Another Go on Everest

Posted: Sep 30, 2015 01:53 pm EDT

(By Raheel Adnan) A group of climbers topped Manaslu, today. These are first summits of the season on Manaslu (or any other 8000m peak), this fall. Last week, bad climbing conditions and deteriorating weather thwarted summit-bids. Several teams, then decided to abandon their attempts for the season. On Makalu, the Ski team went for summit today, but were forced to turn back from “above 8000m”. Finally, another summit push is underway on Manaslu, as climbers will be going up from C4 tonight.

Manaslu Summits

Fifteen climbers summited Manaslu today and are already descending to lower camps. Summit Climb team’s expedition leader Daniel Mazur tweeted this evening. “We are at C4. Route is very good, no crevasse. Met Dan, Vincent, Philippe, Santiago, Viktor, Boyan, 9 Sherpas. Congratulations. We go tonight.”

As per Seven Summit Treks BC manager Chhang Dawa Sherpa, following climbers reached the top.

1. Mr. Santiago Quintero (Ecuador)
2. Victor Hugo Rimac (Peru)
3. Daniel Stuart Trevena (Australia)
4. Philippe Jean Marty (France)
5. Vincent Jean Callet (France)
6. Boyan Petrov Petrov (Bulgaria)
7. Gaimpaolo Corona (Italy)
8. Lu Shuigu (China)
9. Mr. Gilian Kit Wai Lee (Australia)
10. Cheji Norbu Sherpa
11. Mingma Thenduk Sherpa
12. Ang Dawa Sherpa
13. Pasang Nurbu Sherpa
14. Changbabu Sherpa
15. Mingma Sherpa

Summit Climb team will be going for summit tonight.

No Success on Makalu

Ski Makalu team has been pushed back by avalanches and dangerous conditions on summit-bid. The team went up from C3 (7450m), this morning.

“Push is over and no summit reached. We did ski from a new high point. And everyone safe after some very real avys above 8k.” Adrian Ballinger wrote this evening.


Another Attempt on Everest

Finally, new from Everest is that Japanese climber Nobukazu Kuriki is gearing up for another summit push. He’s aiming to reach the summit by early next week.



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