courtesy Libor Hroza senior, SOURCE
Fingers busted on Mustang
courtesy Libor Hroza senior, SOURCE
courtesy Jacek Czyz, SOURCE
Lucka meeting Saphira.
Hardest Women's Mixed Climb by Lucka Hrozova: Photo Debrief From Colorado

Posted: Feb 19, 2016 10:55 pm EST

( Czech climber Lucie Hrozová won the women's category and took bronze in the men's (same line) Mixed Ice Climbing Competition in Ouray. 


Lucka then went on to climb the most difficult mixed climb in the USA – Mustang M14 - on the first go, Petr Jandík, editor of told Explorersweb, adding that Lucka remains the only lady climber to have climbed difficult mixed routes over M14-, and several M14.


This time around she established the new hardest mixed climb in US.


Find the full story with lots of pictures at, and a debrief in Lucka's own words about her meet with Saphira, the mythical dragon from Christopher Paolini's Eragon saga.