K2 Summit as seen from Concordia in perfect weather conditions on July 7th.
K2 season 2015: Himex and Madison, It's Over

Posted: Jul 26, 2015 04:21 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) David Tait and Madison Mountaineering announced today their bids on K2 are over. 

Madison cited deteriorating route conditions during the last few days on K2,  alongside a bad weather forecast. The team may attempt Broad Peak instead.


Quoting recent rock fall injuries on the peak, warming weather, buried high camps and the departure of Mike Horn from the mountain; Tait said Himex leader Russell Brice judged thawing conditions posed a too great risk to the expedition. David Tait already left the peak, on a medical heli carrying an injured Sherpa:


"With Discovery cameras whirring, I said my goodbyes and bolted to the Helipad, where I joined the badly injured Sherpa and team. In minutes I could hear the clatter of the two Army helicopters entering the valley. The first swooped in confidently and lightly touched down on the carefully prepared rock surface. In moments the Sherpa was gently hustled aboard and the dark green bird was airborne."


"The second swooped in, tottered in the air for a moment before plonking down. I was ushered forward, threw my bags in to the back seat and hauled myself aboard. The pilots, both wearing oxygen masks to void the altitude, turned and smiled – the rotors spun up, I waved and suddenly K2BC was gone."


It's unclear at this time if any climbers outside the big outfits will stay on K2. Also remainders of Himex may try BP next.




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