The first photograph showing the newly freed Geldy with an Akhak Teke horse! Standing next to Geldy are his wife, Julia, his daughter, Sofia, and sister-in-law, Elena.
courtesy The Long Riders Guild, SOURCE
Geldy in Moscow last week. In 1988, he rode 4,300 kilometres from Ashgabat to Moscow. The ride got him inaugurated to the LRG who recently became key to his release from Turkmenistan.
courtesy Long Riders Guild, SOURCE
Today on Pythom: Long-Rider's Family Released, News from Himalaya, Everest Movie Review, Tech

Posted: Sep 22, 2015 07:21 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) The biggest news on Pythom today is an update from Long Rider's Guild about the recently freed Geldy Kyarizov. We reported last week that the long rider had been released from Turkmenistan to Moscow - but there was a crux to the story we couldn't write at the time: remains of Geldy's family, his 14-years old daughter and sister-in-law - were held in the country as an insurance that Geldy would return.


Incredibly, following continous efforts by the Long Riders Guild and Human Rights groups also the two females have now been released and the family was reunited in freedom yesterday. Find the full update in the comments section to the original story at


More on Pythom this morning: UK climbing is running a review of the new Everest movie, Alan Arnette reports little movement on Manaslu and Makalu (World news), Ryan Waters had an eventful trek back to Khumbu (Dispatches), list of expeditions has been updated (Events), there is a new tech story (Pythom news) - and more.