Along with porters, mules and donkeys travel for days to get to remote villages who need food and resources the most, as many passes are silently blocked by landslides, says Don Bowie. Image: Larkya 5100m. (Click images to expand)
courtesy Vibeke Andrea Sefland Facebook, SOURCE
These two dogs followed the Remote Access Operations team from Bimthang up and over the Larke Pass for the last few weeks.
courtesy Don Bowie Facebook, SOURCE
Bowie: "If you look closely, you can see a small village at the corner of this photo. Having our Remote Access Operations team on the ground is incredibly important."
courtesy Cody Tuttle / Fenom Creations /Don Bowie Facebook, SOURCE
After the earthquake the town of Laprak was so devastated that the locals decided to completely relocate about an hour away. They are slowly bringing down what salvaged belongings they have left.
courtesy Cody Tuttle / Fenom Creations /Don Bowie Facebook, SOURCE
With no heavy machinery, people pass one large rock at a time to rebuild this bridge in the Manaslu Circuit.
courtesy Cody Tuttle / Fenom Creations /Don Bowie Facebook, SOURCE
Don Bowie: "These women in Laprak are working hard to dig a hole for a new bathroom for their village."
courtesy Cody Tuttle / Fenom Creations /Don Bowie Facebook, SOURCE
Vibeke Andrea Sefland: "Two teachers in the school yard of one of the schools in Gorkha."
courtesy Vibeke Andrea Sefland Facebook, SOURCE
Don Bowie: "We see the wisdom of years as we come across the elderly in each village. They give hot welcomes as we cross paths. They move forward, rebuilding and continuing Their way of life without complaining or expecting anything."
courtesy Cody Tuttle / Fenom Creations, SOURCE
Don: "Traveling to the upper mountain villages, we have experienced nothing but deep gratitude from the locals."
courtesy Tiffany Junge / Fenom Creations /Don Bowie Facebook, SOURCE
Namaste from Samdo (3800m)
courtesy Vibeke Andrea Sefland Facebook, SOURCE
Nepal quake relief update: "This is why we keep doing what we are doing”

Posted: Jul 13, 2015 07:51 am EDT

(Newsdesk) While many aid organizations assume that food and shelter had been distributed to every family in Nepal, that is not the case, reports Don Bowie. He and his team are still working in the mountains. Don explains why. 


Remote Manaslu area


Just recently his team discovered a group of people in a remote Manaslu area who had received little or no aid. What they found was a quiet group of people that had inadequate shelter, hardly any food and some were in dire need of medical attention.

Watch the video Don posted about the people who had "no animosity as our team came in to see what they needed, just gratitude that we had taken the time to find them."


Larke La Pass


On July 9th Don reported that the Larke La pass (5100m) is open, assuring there will be a steadier flow of supplies with donkeys coming into the remote villages of the Manaslu region, which had been completely cut off from ground travel for weeks.


In this video Vibeke explains the process to open the pass and access the villages. 


Members in Don’s Remote Access Operations team: Cody Tuttle, Scott Rogers, Tiffany Junge and Vibeke Andrea Sefland.


Scams vs Real Help


Sent over from Adrian Hayes, who spent months boots-on-the-ground sharing his help and skills in remote villages, a new blog post, The Great Charity Scam.


"A recent undercover operation by the UK’s Daily Mail has revealed a shoddy practice employed by most of the charity giants of their call centres using voracious cold calling methods to raise money for their organizations. […] Yet behind this face, hundreds of volunteer groups did the work that needed to be done, which the giants couldn’t hope to manage, at their own expense, time and efforts - a number of whom I worked with on my own quest."



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