The makeshift engine tube.
courtesy TT Sjogren, SOURCE
New Space: Rocket Launch Take 2, Kicking it Up

Posted: Aug 24, 2015 04:54 am EDT

(Tina Sjogren) Since we didn't get to test ride our first "home made" rocket at Black Rock last month Tom figured we should re-launch at Moffett and beef up our motor to max allowance of the airfield. 


The day was scorching at temps hovering around 100 F. We arrived early because wind was forecast to pick up by lunch. Funny how there is no escaping weather, on Everest or in a rocket launch.


We didn't exactly build it from scratch, she is a Crayon kit. But major parts were missing - such as the inner tube holding the engine and the chute - which threw us into a premature stage of improvisation. And this made me nervous.


Think an empty toilet roll with lots of epoxy sealing a cut-up seam: there's our inner tube supposed to stand up to the force of a G80-7T, a mid level model rocket engine packing a good punch and able to reach thousands feet of altitude.


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