Before and After, ear gone
courtesy Minister of Tourism in Sabah, SOURCE
Quake cuts Ear of Borneo's Mt Kinabalu

Posted: Jun 05, 2015 04:02 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu, 13,435' (4,095 m), 07:15 local time Friday morning.


Following a sunrise ascent of the peak around 140 international tourists descended among land slides and rockfall triggered by the tremor.


Tourism minister for Sabah state Masidi Manjun tweeted that there have been injuries and some fatalities but most hikers reportedly escaped unharmed. The Minister also posted pictures of one of Mount Kinabalu's Donkey's Ear peaks snapped off by the quake. 


Tweet with pictures from Minister of Tourism in Sabah