Annapurna's normal climbing route.
Spring 2016 Kickoff: Shisha Pangma and Manaslu New Routes, Annapurna and Other Expeditions

Posted: Mar 16, 2016 10:31 am EDT

(By Raheel Adnan) With winter Nanga Parbat celebrations coming to an end, it’s time for pre-monsoon climbing in Himalayas. For several climbers, the action virtually resumes from where it paused a year ago. Almost all expeditions – both in Nepal and Tibet - were cancelled after catastrophic earthquake on April 25th, 2015. Chinese authorities, at that time, stretched out climbing permits till 2018, while Nepal just announced a two year extension.

Spring 2016 is being considered an important season for Nepal in general and Everest in particular. The nation is still recovering from earthquake devastation and 5 months-long blockade at southern border. After the brawl in 2013, deadly avalanche and protests in 2014, and the tragic earthquake last year, Everest outfitters are rooting for a better season. Statistically speaking, there were only 15 eight-thousander ascents in Spring 2015. A thirteen-member team was successful Annapurna in March, while Pavel Bém and Daniel De Gabai climbed Manaslu in early May.


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