Manaslu climbers leaving for C2, this morning.
Spring 2016 Round Up: BCs Reached, Climbers Gearing Up for Acclimatization and Higher Camps

Posted: Apr 22, 2016 07:33 am EDT

(By Raheel Adnan) Majority of Spring 2016 climbers have reached their respective Base Camps and are set for first foray up the mountain. Annapurna is the only exception, where teams await a second summit window.



1. Annapurna


Strong wind reigns the summit of Annapurna again. A week ago, the signs of a partial respite urged the climbers for a summit attempt. Eventually, a few climbers reached and turned back from 7800m. While Tunc Findik and a Japanese climber decided to abandon their expedition, everyone else is sitting tight in anticipation of a summit window in near future.

Conditions aren’t particularly distressing at Base Camp, where mornings are sunny and warm, with clouds and occasional snowfall in afternoon. However, the summit is continuously being swept by gusts approaching 80 km/hr. “The Mountain is still in good condition while wind holds us in the base camp. In a few days [it] will improve, I'm convinced,” says Carlos Soria.


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