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Posted: Feb 15, 2016 02:22 am EST

(Pythom.com) Last skiers at the South Pole, interviews with Mark Langridge and Paul Vicary (North Pole 2016), passing of an Ocean Rowing legend, Nanga Parbat and Mavericks, new stuff in Marketplace and Interesting topics in adventure World News last week. Enjoy!




Biking the Amazon - Part 8 Between Hate and Love! piotrch


Nanga Parbat: Daniele Departs, Tomek Returns and Strong Summit Windraheel


A quick note after meeting Astronaut Harrison Schmitt strandberg


UrbEx: The Elbow Part 3 ccarter



Events and Expeditions


Bourse "Osez l'Aventure!" fdion



Market: Trips, New and Used Gear and Books


Himlung Summit aanepal


Ama Dablam Summit aanepal


Lhotse Expedition summitclimb


Arctica: The Vanishing North copeland


4 X Blue Ice Sledges fiberglass re-inforced-- for kite skiing copeland



Crowd Funding Projects


South Pole Snowsailer outeredgemag



Expedition Dispatches


Open Polar Training 2016 comes to a end Expeditions365


The effects of climate change – Losing Nemo UK Trio North Pole 2016


Getting ready Jelle Veyt Everest 2016


Hello world! Norway End to End


Crew Studies Space Exercise Techniques and Human Research Space Station


Vesuvius and the Path of the Gods Mark Horrell


The latest technology is critical to any modern expedition UK Trio North Pole 2016


General Conditions in Japan Aspire Mountain Journeys


Extreme Malangur | PRIMAL INSTINCTS Trailer | Rolwaling Himal: Himalaya ...SaxuMundi Explora Limits by Davide Peluzzi


News from Around the World


Nick Lamb from California is the new Titan of Mavericks Surfnewsnetwork


Pasang Sherpa Lhamu è la vincitrice del People’s Choice Adventurer di National Geographic Montagna.tv (Italian)


Advice: Reinhold Messner on the Secret to an Adventurous Life Climbing


Americans Climb New Route on South Face of Fitz Roy Alpinist


I’ve had it! Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler


Carlos Soria: Vado all’Annapurna e al Dhaulagiri Montagna.tv (Italian)


This is Not Happening: Stolen Gear on K2 Climbing


We’re With Google: What I Learned as a Russian (River) Spy Canoe & Kayak


Second Free Ascent of Cerro Torre Bolt-Less Compressor Route Gripped


Canadian Don Bowie Tells Wild K2 Story Gripped


Next episode of the soap opera on Nanga Parbat Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler


Siachen’s lone survivor dies due to multiple organ failure Outdoor Journal (In)


Historical Badass: The Musher Who Beat Everyone Adventure Journal


011 EnduranceThursday · Adrian Hayes · Record-Breaking Polar Explorer And Campaigner Inspiring Adventurer


001 Turning Adventure Podcaster Inspiring Adventurer


Patagonia Season 2015-16: Five Questions with Colin Haley Alpinist


Gamma Group: Climbing into your 80's UKClimbing


Behind the Scenes of the Web’s Most Viral Snow Kayaking Video Canoe & Kayak


GoPro's Stock Is at an All-Time Low. What's Next? Outside Mag


The History of Surfing in Australia OuterEdge Magazine


Blockade in Nepal declared ended Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler


Indian Army soldier survives six days buried under snow and ice in SiachenOutdoor Journal (In)


Watch: 8-Year-Old Kayaker Drops Waterfalls in Mexico Canoe & Kayak


Los Piolets d'Or 2016 dejan el Mont Blanc y se trasladan a La Meije Desnivel (Spain)


Winter Climbs 2016: Soap Opera Continues on Nanga Parbat as International Team Breaks Down Again The Adventure Blog


Nepali Government Slow to Honor Everest Climbing Permits From 2015 The Adventure Blog


Black Diamond recall carabiners and slings The BMC


Nanga Parbat anomaly Montagna.tv (Italian)


Michele Boscacci and Laetitia Roux new European Ski Mountaineering Champions Planet Mountain


Why Did Super Bowl 50 Cancel Mavericks? Outside Mag