Kazakhstan shot by homeless climber Jelle Veyt, currently on Everest.
courtesy Jelleveyt.be, SOURCE
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Posted: Apr 28, 2016 05:46 pm EDT

(Pythom.com) Norwegians say "nyet" to battered North Pole organizers, Russians bid Svalbard goodbye. Annapurna summmit push, accident on Shishapangma. Cyberchat with homeless Everest Climber, Solar Impulse, and more.



Annapurna Summit Push Climbers on the Move; Fatal Accident on Shisha Pangma, Two Casualties Reported


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Spring 2016 Round Up: BCs Reached, Climbers Gearing Up for Acclimatization and Higher Camps raheel


Barneo: False Social Media Rumors about Chechen soldiers correne


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