Thomas, 2013 in a rescue operation on Broad Peak, as reported on Explorersweb.
courtesy Thomas Laemmle, SOURCE
Thomas Laemmle: Everest Alpine Style, plus Cho Oyo ski-down

Posted: Apr 06, 2016 05:43 am EDT

[Updated April 16 with Facebook link]


News shot over to Explorersweb/Pythom from Thomas Lämmle, as originally published on


On Sunday April 10th, 2016 my Cho Oyu and Mt Everest Expedition will start:


EXTREK Cho Oyu & Mt Everest 2016


On Cho Oyu [8210m] I will guide a friend and try to ski down from the summit (my 3rd summit, 2nd ski descent).


Mt Everest (North) I would like to do on my own in alpine style after summiting Cho Oyu.


Both peaks without Sherpa and O2.


News will be published via my InReach explorer website:


On Cho Oyu I will share the camp with my friend Chhiring Dorje Sherpa from Rolwaling Excursion.


Start April 10th, 2016 from Munich to Kathmandu


April 13th > flight to Lhasa

April 18th > Tingri to Cho Oyu CBC

April 23rd - May 13th Cho Oyu climb expedition style

May 16th > change to Mt Everest CBC

May 20th - June 1st > alpine style climb of Mt Everest

June 06th > flight Kathmandu - Munich






Iranian route on Broad Peak completed - Thomas Laemmle's search operation



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