Surely start very early, if you want to climbed 1900 vertical meters, from 4200m to 6100m, in a single winter day. Four Kinshofer route climbers before departure this morning.
courtesy Alex Txikon, SOURCE
Winter Nanga Parbat: Kinshofer Route Climbers Keep the Ball Rolling - UPDATED

Posted: Feb 16, 2016 09:44 pm EST

(By Raheel Adnan/update Feb 17 by Newsdesk/Igone, Nanga Parbat BC)


"Txikon, Sadpara, Moro and Lunger are back in BC. Hard wind in C2 (6.100m) didn't let them sleep in the whole night. Today morning, waited until sun came to open the zip of the tent and, as soon as they noticed wind was increasing, got ready and set off down to BC. Looks like next window –quite longer– will come for 23-24-25th. Satisfied with the work done, will wait patiently and hopeful."




After multiple rotations to C1 and a couple of false starts to regain acclimatization above 5100m, the Kinshofer route climbers are finally back in C2 (6100m). Meanwhile, there are reports of Tomek Mackiewicz’ second retreat and from Rupal side, two of Cleo Weidlich’s Sherpa leaving Base Camp.


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