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Winter Nanga Parbat: The Tale behind Tamara’s Retreat, Climbers on the Way Back

Posted: Mar 02, 2016 10:00 am EST

(By Raheel Adnan) The successful Nanga Parbat teams have started the return journey. Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger are in Islamabad. Alex Txikon and Ali Sadpara should arrive here in a couple of days. Pieces of Nanga Parbat’s first ascent story pop up, as climbers interact with media. The discussions obviously shift towards winter K2, now.



“A decision that few in the world would have been able to make”


Tamara Lunger stopped around 100m short of Nanga Parbat’s summit. In a recent interview, she explained the details and the reasons for her retreat. It all started a day before summit push.


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