It started in 2007.
In the image, Erden's boat raised on blocks to remove the antifouling paint for new treatment. Live images over Contact 4.0 courtesy of Erben's around-n-over website (click to enlarge).
Erden Eruc making plans for June launch on Pacific row - and more

Posted: Apr 30, 2007 02:31 pm EDT
( In about a month and a half time, Turkish adventurer Erden Eruc will set off on a row across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Australia. But first Erden will ride a bicycle from his home in Seattle to the departure's dock in San Francisco. The Pacific crossing is part of Eruc's human-powered voyage around he world, which also includes summiting 6 out of the 7 Summits. Once in Australia, Erden will bike again to the base of Kosciuszko, which he will walk up.

The ride to San Francisco will begin this weekend from our home in Seattle. [Erdens wife] Nancy will keep me company on her bicycle during the first few days, then I will press on until I reach the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, Erden said. I will return to Seattle to tow the boat by car to Tiburon, where I will spend the last week of May. Early June is when I intend to launch on the Pacific, pending winds and weather. Obviously, I will be hoping for the best conditions to safely row away from land.

Human-powered 7-1 Summits

Hes set to leave June 2 on the next section of the round-the-world quest to climb the highest summits on six different continents, using only human power. He began the undertaking in February 2003, when he bicycled from Seattle to Alaska and summited Denali. Since then, Erden has bicycled from Seattle to Miami and rowed solo across the Atlantic.

After this section of the trip, he will "just" have to bicycle to Geraldton on Australia's west coast, row from Geraldton to India, bicycle to Nepal, climb Everest, bicycle to Elbrus in Russia at its border with Georgia and climb it, bicycle through Georgia, Turkey, Syria to Jordan to touch the Dead Sea, continue on to Tanzania by bicycle and climb Kilimanjaro, bicycle to Namibia, row to Brazil, bicycle to Argentina to climb Aconcagua, and then return to San Francisco and bike back to Seattle.