Rest day in Cuzco for the bikes
courtesy Hubert Kisinski, SOURCE
Prototype of the Amazon bike - tests on the river Warta, Poland.
courtesy Marek Pielech, SOURCE
Dawid Andres (right) and Hubert Kisinski - Pacific beach near Canama, Peru, beginning of the Biking the Amazon River Expedition.
courtesy Dawid Andres, SOURCE
Biking the Amazon: "It was cheaper that way"

Posted: Oct 13, 2015 02:04 am EDT

(PythomLabs) Starting at the foot of Mount Mismi, Lake Ticlla Cocha, Polish brothers Dawid Andres and Hubert KisiƄski plan to pedal most of the Amazon river using custom designed bicycles.


Necessity is the mother of invention: “It just turned out to be the cheapest way,” Dawid told grandfather of Amazon-river exploration Piotr Chmielinski, who kicked off his own descent at the same bridge 30 years ago.


The brothers' catamaran-like compromise between a kayak and a bike is portable and can be pedaled on land as well as on water.


A frame without wheels is mounted on two 3-meter long tubes made of material used to build rafts with total buoyancy of 480 kilograms. The drive is connected to a crank chain. Packing goes in rear compartments and average speed is about 6 km/h.


Challenges: Power of the drive, whirlpools in the river and ocean waves near the Atlantic Ocean.


Duration of expedition is, “as long as it takes,” Dawid said, “but really, I hope that it will happen in 6-8 months."


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