Hubert Kisinski and Dawid Andres - Atlantic, March 4, 2016.
courtesy Dawid Andres, SOURCE
Hubert Kisinski and Dawid Andres - Atlantic, March 4, 2016 12 noon - local time.
courtesy Dawid Andres, SOURCE
Dawid Andres - Atlantic, 2 March 2016.
courtesy Hubert Kisinski, SOURCE
Atlantic, March 4, 2016. Nothing more is possible - checks Hubert Kisi=C5==84ski. We have to end our cycling adventure on the Amazon.
courtesy Dawid Andres, SOURCE
Atlantic, 4 March 2016 12:00 noon (local time). Map DeLorme
From a jump into the Lake Ticlla Cocha (constant source of the Amazon) on the 21st of September, 2015 to a jump into the Atlantic waters on 4th of March, 2016 Dawid Andres and Hubert Kisinski completed their Biking the Amazon River Expedition. Map. DeLorme
Jumping into the Atlantic: Biking the Amazon River Part 11

Posted: Mar 06, 2016 09:08 am EST


By Piotr Chmieliński (originally published on


Jumping into the water, the brothers Dawid Andres and Hubert Kisiński celebrated - yes, I have already written that .... six months ago - but this time they celebrated their farewell to the Amazon. The swim took place in the Atlantic Ocean, which they reached on March 4, 2016 at noon, local time (10:00 in the morning, Washington time), thus ending their Amazonian Biking Expedition on the largest river in the world, that has been ongoing since September.


- This is the culmination of our efforts to achieve the objective we have set - says Dawid with an emotional trembling voice. He gives a long glance at the large waves beating the shore, draws a deep breath inhaling the smell of the ocean; his lips taste salty and ... he is happy.


It took the brothers only 22 hours to finish the last leg of the journey. Leaving Belem they thought, as one of the readers commented on the previous article that ahead of them was just a "short walk" of merely 200 km. Imagine their surprise when the paved road, which was supposed to get them to the Atlantic Ocean, turned into a gravel road, and then they got lost in the jungle. For the next 30 km they were trudging through the thickets of tropical vegetation, like they had been doing it a few days ago before Belem.


- Quite a pressure was put on us yesterday by you - they joked while already sitting on the beach. It is true that I marked the waypoints they had to travel on their locator. - We knew it was done to make sure that we didn't forget about the jungle too quickly, and to make us work on our goal harder. Cursing under our noses at you, we kept going on. What else could we do?  We have to agree though, that you chose the most beautiful beach for the finish of our expedition. 


The golden sand was bathed in sunshine, the waves were the same as in Poland in the Baltic Sea, and the weather was warm. The Atlantic Ocean greeted them exactly the way they had dreamed of, which heightened the brothers' joy and excitement.


- Swimming in the ocean was the greatest pleasure. The water was much warmer than in the Pacific Ocean, where we started the expedition, and it was hot compared to the water in lake Ticlla Cocha, the source of the Amazon, where we started our adventure on this extraordinary river - Hubert said with a wide smile, from ear to ear, on his face. - I admit I feel great!


While sitting on the Atlantic beach, the brothers' thoughts turn to their loved ones who are already eagerly awaiting them.


- Greetings to my parents and my little ones (sons Dawid and Filip)! - Hubert was shouting in the phone. - And to my beloved wife! - Added Dawid. See you soon.




Polish brothers, David Andres and Hubert Kisinski, who are attempting to cross South America by bicycle since September 2015, are traveling the Amazon by land and water.  On the water, they use an innovative catamaran-like bike to pedal most of the Amazon River. The brothers started the Amazon section at the foot of Mount Mismi, Lake Ticlla Cocha.


During the 1985-86 Amazon Source to Sea Expedition, Piotr Chmielinski became the only member of the 13-person expedition who managed to navigate the Amazon River entirely from Source to Sea, about 4300 miles. Joe Kane completed the entire river by walking the first section of the Apurimac’s white water and finished the rest by kayak and raft. Zbigniew Bzdak and Kate Durrant completed the entire River by walking the first section of the Apurimac’s white water and doing the rest by raft and motor boat. Their adventure is described in the book Running the Amazon by Joe Kane, which is now considered a classic of adventure literature. Check Piotr's Profile on Pythom here.



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