Witnesses along the Amazon River System. (Click images to expand)
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Letter from the Polish Embassy in Brazil.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Route description.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Time description. (click to expand)
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Marci at the canoe finish line in Belem, Brazil.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Marcin Gienieczko Amazon canoe documentation

Posted: Dec 04, 2015 03:51 am EST

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"[...] Gienieczko lacked the skills to kayak the white waters, [was] unable to take care of [himself], and went only parts of the Amazon river."


Stealing the Amazon


Marcin Gienieczko and the Great Guinness Hoax



December 4, 2015:


(Correne Coetzer) Polish canoeist, Marcin Gienieczko, completed his South American traverse from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean via the Amazon in 111 days on September 4th at 21h40 Brazilian time. He shot over documents, verifying his expedition (see images left).


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Tabelka z zapisem Gpsów.










Pierwszy nadajnik SPOT 1 MARCIN NAPIERA



Fakty TVN i TVN24



• Relacja z ekspedycji Marcina Gienieczko ‘Expedition Report (Polish) 



W załączniku wypowiedz Mirosława Rajtera który był uczestnikiem do źródeł rzeki Amazonki 2014.Ponzije film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGw-Z1Vq4lc



Marcin Gienieczko kicked off his expedition in Lima on May 17, 2015, and, with a support team, cycled to the Village of Chilca on the Pacific Ocean from where he turned inland to San Francisco (Peru), a total of 700 km and an altitude of 4700m. 


He started the canoe stage on May 31 at San Fransisco. From there Gadiel Sanchez Rivera canoed with him to Atalaya, and later again supported him to Iquitos. He covered 60 km on the Rio Apurimac, defeated drug traffickers, survived the Rio Ene’s 10-meter-in-diameter vortices, and covered the Rio Ucayali, where two Polish kayakers were killed, in 19 days. 


For the Ene, Tambo, Ucayali special permission letters has to be shown to the local chiefs. At the Ene locals fired two warning shots, one aimed straight at Marcin and Gadiel.


Near the end, big problems started from Santarem, when the river became even more demanding. Before Belem the tidal waves become larger.


After finishing the 13-day 700km cycle stage and the 81-day 5980 km canoe stage (September 1st, 2015) , Marcin "slow-run" 14 hours 40 minutes the last 80 km in temperatures up to 35ºC to touch the Atlantic Ocean at Baja de Marajo.


He uses a Mad River Canoe, Royalex 16. It weighs 30 kg and it is made of Royalex materials. Marcin has used a similar canoe the entire McKenzie River system and on the biggest Siberian river, the Lena


Note: to reflect style. Marcin is claiming doing this expedition “solo”, but according to the Rules and Definitions of Adventure at AdventureStats, a solo expedition may not receive any assistance or support. 




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