Hubert Kisinski on his amazonian bike on the Amazon (Solimoes).
courtesy Dawid Andres, SOURCE
Biking the Amazon River - only one day to Manaus. Map DeLorme
courtesy Dawid Andres, SOURCE
Meetings with Amazon pirates

Posted: Jan 14, 2016 11:00 am EST


(By Piotr Chmielinski) “It’s been already a second meeting with the pirates," reports David Andres from the Amazon, who, together with his brother Hubert Kisinski bike on the river toward the Atlantic.


The section between Tefe and Manaus in Brazil is another danger for tourists and explorers area in the Amazon River basin. The area is "controlled" by armed groups, bandits gangs hunting for the potential candidates to be robbed. It's also one of the main routes of the smuggled goods and drug traffic.


The bandits attacks on travelers are quite often there. Some explorers ask the Brazilian navy for escorting on the river to avoid the possibility of the risky confrontation with gangsters.


Dawid and Hubert before start of crossing this area removed from their luggage the most precious thing such as money, document, electronic equipment. These belongings have been transported to Manaus by two Poles traveling in Brazil. Bikers met them by chance in Tefe.


The brothers took on board of Amazon bicycles only a GPS and a small camera to document their extraordinary journey.


The first meeting with the pirates they managed to stave off by offering cigarettes to the “guests”. The second was much more dangerous, but the details we find out after the brothers arrive already to Manaus. Let us hope that the remaining 120 km to be biked to the city goes smoothly and the brother Dawid and Hubert arrive safe to the destination.



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Polish brothers, David Andres and Hubert Kisinski, who are attempting to cross South America by bicycle since September 2015, are traveling the Amazon by land and water.  On the water, they use an innovative catamaran-like bike to pedal most of the Amazon River. The brothers started the Amazon section at the foot of Mount Mismi, Lake Ticlla Cocha.


During the 1985-86 Amazon Source to Sea Expedition, Piotr Chmielinski became the only member of the 13-person expedition who managed to navigate the Amazon River entirely from Source to Sea, about 4300 miles. Joe Kane completed the entire river by walking the first section of the Apurimac’s white water and finished the rest by kayak and raft. Zbigniew Bzdak and Kate Durrant completed the entire River by walking the first section of the Apurimac’s white water and doing the rest by raft and motor boat. Their adventure is described in the book Running the Amazon by Joe Kane, which is now considered a classic of adventure literature. Check Piotr's Profile on Pythom here.





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