The Danes, Jens Erik Nielsen and Morten Grundsøe, taking one of their 10 minute breaks between ski sessions. Live image courtesy of (click to enlarge)
Eric Larsen, Dongsheng Liu and Bill Hanlon are on the Polar Plateau. Live image of Bill courtesy of (click to enlarge)
The Commonwealth ladies might be able to see the South Pole station today. Image taken at Patriot Hills courtesy of Robert Hollingworth (click to enlarge)
Antarctic wrap-up: Commonwealth Ladies and Danish team on their home run

Posted: Dec 28, 2009 03:15 pm EST
( An unassisted, unsupported Danish team, Morten Grundsøe and Jens Erik Nielsen, who started from the Messner Start point, has 54.1 km to go to the South Pole and the Commonwealth Ladies less about 37 km.

Unassisted, Unsupported

Cecilie Skog and Ryan Waters
Berkner Island Start

No new news.

Meagan McGrath solo, Patriot Hills

Meagan reported a great day skiing on Christmas Day.

She answers a lot of questions on the 23 December voice report. Meagan said when the ALE airplane flies over her and spots her, the pilot waves the wings and that warms her heart.

Morten Grundsøe and Jens Erik Nielsen Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf

Danish kite-skier Jesper Melin Ganc-Petersen notified ExWeb about the Danish team on the ice, Morten Grundsøe (32) and Jens Erik Nielsen (56). The two men started their expedition on 30 November with 120 kg sleds, they reported in their blog.

Originally the Danes planned to start from McMurdo, but that was canceled on the last minute.

Despite their full loaded sleds the team made good miles every day. Yesterday they skied 30.3 km and were confident to ski the last stretch in one go.

Morten explained in their Danish blog why they make a good team: They except each others eccentricities and know that each one does his best, are interested in each other, work towards a common goal, have a good routine, each one knows who is responsible for the smallest detail and they have lots of fun.

Both Morten and Jens Erik have crossed the Greenland Icecap previously.

Assisted, Unsupported

Eric Larsen (guide), Dongsheng Liu and Bill Hanlon Hercules Inlet

The guys experienced a wind-chill of 40 degrees and they had to put on another layer of clothes. Eric said he was wearing his mittens for the first time.

They reached their last resupply on Christmas Day and experienced uphill terrain and larger sastrugi.

In the latest report on Day 41 they reported relatively flat, but dry, slow snow on polar plateau. They skied 13.4 nm (24.82 km)

Felicity Aston (leader), Era, Stephanie Solomonides, Helen Turton, Reena Kaushal, Kim-Marie Spence, Kylie Wakelin and Sophia Pang Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf

Yesterday the ladies were less than 20 nm (37 km) from the South Pole and were looking forward to a shower when they get back to Chile.

Felicity reported, With the recent "hot weather" (we've had a couple of sunny days in a row) when we're working hard skiing, we've been reminded of quite how dirty we are right now.

During the expedition we've been keeping ourselves clean with a daily ration of one Baby Wipe per person per day and we've become very skilled at getting really good mileage out of that one precious baby wipe every day.

We've also got a small toothbrush each and some toothpaste but worryingly we're running very low on toothpaste.

They travelled 15.8 nm (29,26 km) yesterday.

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Unassisted, Unsupported

Cecilie Skog and Ryan Waters (Norway and USA) Berkner Island Start

Meagan McGrath (Canada) Patriot Hills

Morten Grundsøe and Jens Erik Nielsen (Denmark) Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf / Messner Start

Assisted, Unsupported

ANI Hercules Inlet team Eric Larsen (guide, Canada), Dongsheng Liu (Canada) and Bill Hanlon (Ireland/Canada)

Julio Fiadi (Brazil), Hercules Inlet Start, no updates

Kaspersky Commonwealth team Felicity Aston (United Kingdom, leader), Dk Najibah Eradah binti P. A. M. Al-Sufri Pg M-L Kahar or Era (Brunei Darussalam), Stephanie Solomonides (Cyprus), Helen Turton (UK), Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu (India), Kim-Marie Spence (Jamaica), Kylie Wakelin (New Zealand) and Sophia Pang (Singapore) Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf / Messner Start

ANI Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf team Hannah McKeand (guide, UK) and Arnold Witzig (Swiss/Canada), no updates.

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