Kayaker and kite-skier, Frederic Dion, wants to help adventurers because he was helped in the past. (click image to enlarge)
courtesy Frederic Dion, SOURCE
Frederic kite-skiing on Antarctica 2014-15.
courtesy Frederic Dion, SOURCE
Frederic having fun in the wind.
courtesy Frederic Dion, SOURCE
Fred likes to innovate and make alterations to his gear.
courtesy Frederic Dion, SOURCE
Pay It Forward: Polar Skier Shares Book Profit in Quebec Sponsor Fund

Posted: Feb 17, 2016 07:46 pm EST

(Correne Coetzer) Pay it forward: This polar skier accomplished his quest and now he wants to give back.


In the 2014-15 Antarctic season, Canadian kite-skier Frédéric Dion became only the third person to traverse from Novolazarevskaya to Hercules Inlet via the South Pole of Inaccessibility and the Geographic South Pole. He covered a distance of 3620 km in a straight line between the four waypoints (active kiting: 4382 km) in just over 54 days. Fred ended with a mammoth kite-ski push of 603 km in a straight line in 24 hours and 53 minutes (626.6 km active kiting).


Grateful for all the help he got in the past from people, he now wants to give back, Frédéric told Explorersweb. "I'm writing to let you know I launched an Adventure Bursary here in Quebec. In total $10,000 ($5000 in cash and $5000 of Mountain Hardwear gear), the money is coming from my own pocket (from my profits on my book). Many people helped me in the past and it's my way to 'pay it foward'."


The end date to submit a project is March 15, 2016, Frédéric says they already got very inspiring projects from all around the world.  


Frédéric posted more information on the Adventure Platform, pythom.com 

Here is some of the Pythom info (Google Translated):


This award will be given to an adventurer or group of adventurers who has a specific original and inspiring project.


Competitors must be willing to add their challenge on different platforms: blogs, conferences, book, documentary, drama or other.


Eligibility Criteria


Only persons who meets the following requirements may submit their application:

- Reside in Quebec,

- Speak and write French,

- Be at least 18 years old,

- Start the project within 10 months after obtaining the grant, or before February 15, 2017

- Promote adventure and surpassing oneself.


How to register


To participate, applicants are encouraged to submit their adventure project. It is the participants to decide their project format: website, sponsorship plan, video or other.


You can contact Frédéric Dion via one of the following options:

Email: info(at)fredericdion.com

Phone: (819) 379-3380

Website: www.fredericdion.com


A nomination dossier should contain the following information:


- Project description (what, where, how, how long the various stages, the ride, solo or in teams, etc.)

- Objectives, mission and values,

- Action plan and timetable of preparations (those already implemented and those to come)

- Calendar of communication actions to introduce the project to the public,

- Curriculum Vitae of the persons involved,

- Full contact details of the person who files (must be the adventurer or a member of the team that will carry out the project).



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