Snowsailer at Novo, brought in by ALCI/TAC Ilyushin.
courtesy OuterEdge South Pole Snowsailer, SOURCE
Charles Werb ready to step on board the ALCI Ilyushin at Cape Town Airport.
courtesy OuterEdge South Pole Snowsailer, SOURCE
Antarctic ski and kite/sail routes.
courtesy Tom Sjogren / Explorersweb /, SOURCE
Antarctica: Snowsailer grounded at Novo

Posted: Feb 18, 2016 08:59 pm EST


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On February 11th, Australian Charles Werb and his Snowsailer arrived at Novolazarevskaya (Novo), from gateway Cape Town with ALCI/TAC. His plan is to be transported south to the Antarctic Plateau by an accompanying Arctic Trucks vehicle to get favorable winds to sail to the South Pole.


According to his updates, he has done some sailing around Novo but the Snowsailer has been damaged. Grounded at Novo in a snow storm, Charles writes Antarctica is a harsh place. "I was asked, why supported? Well, Novo has gone gnarly. Towed back after losing skeg on one board and breaking boom. Rode in big winds and sustained damage that has now been repaired.”



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