Ski touring on the southern edge of Schweizerland mountains, southeast coast of Greenland. Progression on ski, with sleds, to reach the huge Kaarali glacial basin. (Latitudes Norde)
courtesy Michael Charavin / Latitudes Norde FB, SOURCE
Michael Charavin: Schweizerland Mountains, southeast coast of Greenland. On the ridges above the Karaali Glacier.
courtesy Michael Charavin / Latitudes Norde FB, SOURCE
Ramon Larramendi new route on Greenland for his new Windsled.
courtesy Ramon Larramendi / Greenland Ice Summit Expedition, SOURCE
Icelandic Mountain Guides started at the Hahn Glacier in the West.
courtesy Icelandic Mountain Guides, SOURCE
Camilla Ringvold and Hakon Maeland's route. (White Horizon team)
courtesy White Horizon - Kite Greenland 2016, SOURCE
Kate Leeming on Northeast Greenland, digging out her 2x2 fatbike.
courtesy Claudio von Planta Instagram, SOURCE
The all-wheel drive bike at the manufacturer: "Zach making one last test shifting through the full range of 11 gears (10-42t) of THE bike. It's quite a different design from the first Christini AWD polar bike,"explains Kate. (click to expand)
courtesy Kate Leeming , SOURCE
Greenland 2016 update: Teams on the Ice Cap - UPDATED

Posted: May 04, 2016 03:30 pm EDT


(Correne Coetzer, May 5th, 2016, update: another kite-ski team added) 


The Greenland season is open and ski and kite-ski teams are on the Ice Cap. Kate Leeming is in Northeast Greenland to test her newly designed fatbike. Ramón Larramendi will be taking a new Windsled on the Ice Cap. A team is exploring the mountain areas in the Southeast.


The Icefall start points on both the Classic Horizontal West and East sides seems to be wet. The West is known for its meltwater and seems to have a good share of it. On the East side, high temperatures were reported, which caused heavy, wet snow.   





Carl Alvey (UK) is guiding a kite team from Narsaq in the South to Qaanaaq in the Northwest, a distance of about 2500 km. They have food for 40 days. Team mates are Eric Leegwater (The Netherlands) and Bjørn Lindhardt Wils (Denmark).


The men left on May 1st at 9:00 to climb the glacier. On Monday May 2nd, 2016 11:50:30 pm Carl reported over Delorme:

Nice sunny day if not a little warm, made it to good snow, now where's the wind!! All team doing very well, wind dance please:) 

Elevation: 680.69 m Lat: 61.104680 Lon: -46.814053


Expeditions365 Tracker

Expeditions 365 Website

Carl Alvey Facebook

Bjørn Lindhardt Wils Facebook



Kitekurs: White Horizon - Kite Greenland 2016


Camilla Ringvold and Håkon Mæland started in the West: Kangerlussuaq/Søndre Strømfjord - Point 660 on April 27th. Temperature was 12ºC, wind 4-6 m/s.


Their route takes them to DYE II (“if the wind allows”) and from there, north, to eventually descending down to Bowdoin fjord in the Northwest. At the fjord they will be picked up of by local inuits and two traditional Greenland dog sleds and ride the 50km across the sea ice to Qaanaaq. Until the pickup, the journey is fully unassisted – meaning they will carry with them all food, equipment, weapon and fuel needed for the crossing of the ice cap. Total distance about 2000 km.


Tracker message, May 3rd:

Started kiting at sunset. Lasted only for 3hrs before Håkon's toes nearly froze off and a headache appeared. Hydrated & warm again, some sleep and we're on again. 

Elevation: 1324.83 m

Lat: N 67°00'41.8428"Lon: W 48°48'11.9880"


White Horizon Facebook

White Horizon Delorme Greenland website



Leo Holding and Bruce Corrie


The two guys are on a 1000 mile kite-ski mission on Greenland, starting from Kangerlussuaq and ending at Qaanaaq. 

Delorme message: 

Leo Houlding Tue May 3rd, 201610:00:30 pm

In Kangerlussuaq all baggage present and correct. Just need fuel, cheese and a gun, all available in the local Spar. 

Elevation: 49.05 m

Lat: N 67°01.1635’ Lon: W 50°41.6830'



Ronny Finsås, Thorleif Nøkleby and Geir Norland 

(UPDATE: team added to the list on May 5th)


Off to Greenland for 3 weeks plus for a kite-ski mission, reported Thorleif. "We’re going to kite from Kangerlussaq (Søndre Strømfjord) to Qaanaaq (Thule - the most northern village in Greenland) - a distance of 1600 km.




Newland Expeditions


Helen Turton sent over news from Newland Expeditions: 


"Greenland crossing expedition: 6 May - 31 May 2016

The group plans to cross from Point 660 on the West to Isortoq on the East  in 26 days… maybe they will do faster ;) The Newland guide will be Torbjørn Oiesvold (Norwegian), who successfully led one of our teams last year. The participants, who have done a wide variety of training and preparation with us in Norway and Svalbard over the past few years are: Andrea Foster (UK), Paul Fidler (UK), Michael Foster (UK), Mike Kraft (German), Lars Henrik Lauritzen (Norwegian).”


"Andrea Foster and Paul Fidler are also using the expedition as a means for fund-raising for Everyman appeal, Institute of cancer research


Newland website

Newland Facebook



Borge Ousland Polar Exploration


Are Johansen guides the team, who is doing a West-East (Point 660 - Isortoq) crossing. They started on April 27th. 

Day 1 Are reported, this year the ice-fall is extremely wet, so they ended up carrying sledges and gear for a good three hours to the Ice. 

Day 2, "From early morning until late afternoon, the tough team fought their way through the first kilometers of the Icefall, crossing at least 100 melting rivers."

Day 4: "Woke up at 05.00, on crampons at 07.00. Did 7 legs on crampons and got through the wettest and worst part of the icefall. Crossed a lot of melting-rivers, lakes and crevasses. All crevasses had good snowbridges, so there were no danger involved. At 14.40 in the afternoon, finally there was enough snow so we could start travelling on skies. We did a couple of legs on skis, making the total distance 15.2km.”

Day 8: "26,1km on maybe the best surface and best skiing-conditions I have ever witnessed on the Greenland iceshelf." 66°50'20.8"N 47°51'15.6"W


Blog on Ousland

Facebook An Apple for Isortoq Expedition



Fram Expeditions (Norway)


According to their website, Fram Expeditions has three teams on Greenland this season. They ski from West to East; Point 660 to Isortoq. 


May 4-29 guides Marianne Larsen and Bjørn Sekkesæter.

Fram - Amundsen Tue May 3rd, 201612:20:15 am report:

We drive up to the glacier, and then we go. There are reports of some water in the glacier.

Elevation: 14.51 m

Lat: N 67°00'40.1796" Lon: W 50°44'04.3476"


April 27 - May 23 guides are Truls Wæraas and Harry Tiller.

Fram Gjøa Tue May 3rd, 201612:30:00 am reported:

Sunny and cold - just what we wanted. We walked 20.8 kilometers today. All in good spirits. Focusing on a little longer day's march tomorrow.

Elevation: 1348.23 m

Lat: 67.067831 Lon: -48.675033


April 27 - May 23 Guides Camilla Isaksen and Christian Iversen Styve

Fram - Nansen Tue May 3rd, 2016 10:30:15 pm at Camp 7 

Elevation: 1487.93 m

Lat: N 66°56'50.9100" Lon: W 48°18'06.5520"



Henry Cookson Expeditions


Henry Cookson is also on Greenland, on a kite ski expedition, according to his Facebook. The team was airlifted by helicopter to their start point. The Facebook location says Kangerlussuaq Airport, but Henry gives no indication where their start point is. Editor’s note: The photo looks like Tasiilaq, from where the teams usually are airlifted by helicopter to the Horisontal route. This time of the year the kiters usually start at the East (Nagtivit or Hahn Glaciers near Tasiilaq).


Henry Cookson Facebook

Henry Cookson Adventures Facebook



Icelandic Mountain Guides


The guide is Maxime Poncet. The team started in the West. From Tasiilaq they were airlifted to the Hahn Glacier on April 21st. 


The team reported slow progress, distances between 6 km and 16.8 km. It is warm, with temperatures up to +7ºC. This causes heavy, wet snow. “The snow is melting at 1348 meters above sea level,” reported the team.


The warm temperatures made way for colder ones. The morning of their 12th camp, Maxime reported from 2345m, -28°C at 7 am and -35°C the previous night. "A bit windy 12m/s. It's going to be pretty cold today. But the weather is stable.”


Max describes their daily life: “We start every day at 8h30 AM and stop at around 17h30/18h. Take 40 min. to build the wall and then we pitch our tents. At ten o’clock everybody is asleep.”  


Icalandic Mountain Guides - Greenland



Kate Leeming


Kate, and her newly designed 2x2 fatbike, sent over the following news from Greenland to Explorersweb/Pythom, ”Just a quick update as we have been held up at the Constable Point base in Northeast Greenland and probably won't be able to set off until Thursday (5th). In the mean time I did manage a short 10km test run in between the blizzard conditions and Claudio [von Planta] has made this excellent teaser video:





Inuit Windsled Expedition


Spaniard Ramón Larramendi is known for his Windsled expeditions on Antarctica and Greenland (circumnavigation 2014). He has designed a new sled and is on his way to Greenland in 9 days. Hilo Moreno, who will be joining the Windsled, sent news over news about a press Conference for the Expedition: Thursday, May 5th. At 11.30hours . Real Observatorio, Madrid.


The new expedition, in which nine people will participate, is planning a journey of 2,000 kilometers starting from the southwest coast, in Kangerlussuaq, to reach the highest point of the interior ice desert (Inlandis) where the scientific USA Summit Camp base is located, and from there they will go down towards the southeast coast, up to Isortoq, where part of the team will leave to be replaced by new incorporations, reported their website.


From there, they’ll begin the return to Kangerlussuaq crossing the ice, where the adventure will finish, around 32 days after his departure. They will collect samples for different scientific projects during the tour.


The new prototype of  WindSled has experimented significant improvements with respect to the one used in 2014. For the first time in history, they say, a vehicle driven by renewable energies will ascend almost  2,000 meters without fossil fuels, while the crew will carry out various scientific experiments relating to the assessment of the climate change.



Latitude Norde


Michael Charavin and his team are ski mountaineering in Southeast Greenland; Schweizerland Mountains and Kaarali Glacier. They reached the Glacier by speed boat and dogsled. The team started on April 28th. In 2014 Michael and Cornelius Strohm circumnavigated Greenland by kite-ski.

Facebook Latitudes Nord



The Classic Horizontal Ski Route runs more or less along the Arctic Circle and is done from West to East, or East to West. West gateway: Kangerlussuaq with, on the Ice Cap, Point 660 as start point or end point. East side gateway: Tasiilaq with start/end points Isortoq Village, Nagtivit Glacier or Hahn Glacier.


Blog updates with RSS feeds can be followed in the Daily Dispatch Streams on Explorersweb and 




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