Yasu (middel) with his drone.
courtesy Yasunaga Ogita, SOURCE
Grise Fjord to Siorapaluk (click to expand).
courtesy Yasunaga Ogita, SOURCE
Yasu likes to prepare his own food, or to give some taste to store-bought food/snacks.
courtesy Yasunaga Ogita, SOURCE
Yasu, his sled and gear arrived at Toronto Airport on March 11.
courtesy Yasunaga Ogita, SOURCE
Heads up: Yasu Ogita’s 2016 Arctic expedition

Posted: Mar 15, 2016 03:23 pm EDT


(Correne Coetzer, this heads up was first published on Pythom.com)

It has been two years since Japanese Arctic explorer, Yasunaga (Yasu) Ogita, has been in his favourite place. He is currently in Canada, heading towards the Canadian Arctic for a 1000 km expedition on his own.




In 2002 Yasu finished an expedition from Resolute Bay at Grise Fjord and now plans to carry on from that Grise Fjord. The planned start date is March 24th and end date at around May 7th at the Siorapaluk in the Qaanaaq area on Greenland. He has to cross sea ice between Canada and Greenland and in February Yasu reported that the ice was in a perfectly frozen condition.. 


Yasu has not been in this area before and plans to take a lot of photos and film. He even has a drone with him to capture the rarely seen glaciers and wild animals. Furthermore, Yasu wants to collect environmental data and test equipment.




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