Kolyma Siberia, 2009.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Canada 2008.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
In his South American crossing, Marcin covered the flat water sections of the Amazon River with a canoe (no white-water covered). He also used a bicycle on the first part of his route.
courtesy Marcin Gienieczko, SOURCE
Marcin Gienieczko’s adventure plans

Posted: Feb 05, 2016 11:50 am EST


(Correne Coetzer) Polish Adventurer, Marcin Gienieczko, who has completed an 111-day traverse of South America from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean via the Amazon last year, has sent over his expedition plans for the next few years.


The expeditions will take him to Mongolia, Canada, Greenland, and eventually, Antarctica.




June: Sailing on a yacht from Gdańsk (National Maritime Museum) to Oslo (Fram Museum).


July 25th – October 2nd: hiking 1200 km alone with a cart and a backpack over the Altai Mountains in Mongolia;  traversing the Altai Mountains – a passage over the Mongolian Range to Kazakhstan (along the crest).




January: Winter training on cross-country skis in the Bieszczady Mountains.


March: 10-day trek across the Sarek Mountains in Sweden, 300 km, with a team mate.


April: Crossing Greenland from east to west, 600 km on skis, with a team mate.


August: Solo crossing of the Mackenzie Mountains (northern Canada), on foot, with a cart and a backpack. Ross River – Norman Wells solo 600 km through the mountains; 21 days.




February: winter training (8 days) on cross-country skis in the Tatra Mountains.


August: 8-day gathering in the Tatra Mountains (Centralny Ośrodek Przygotowań Olimpijskich – the Olympic Sports Centre). 


November: Antarctica ski traverse: [probably] Berkner Island to Hercules Inlet, solo.





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