Luke Roberts training in flat light on Hardangervidda, Norway - having to trust the compass.
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On Pythom: South Pole, Greenland, Amazon, Kalahari, Serengeti and more

Posted: Oct 15, 2015 11:23 pm EDT


(Correne Coetzer) 2015-16 season: Two solo (unassisted, unsupported) men have confirmed that they will be skiing to the Geographic South Pole from the coast of Antarctica at Hercules Inlet; that is covering 10 degrees of latitude, 1130km. 


Carl Alvey told Pythom that he will be leading 2 clients for ANI, also on the classic Hercules Inlet route. They will be assisted/resupplied. Weather permitting, they will start late November. Two years ago Carl guided 16 year old Lewis Clark, the youngest ever full route skier, on the Hercules Inlet route. 


Check the 'Events and Expeditions’ Section on for expeditions.


Dronning Maud Land


Eric Philips will be guiding his usual Last Degree South Pole China group followed by a solo kite ski out to Ulvetanna, he told us.


Also to Ulvetanna is Austrian, Christoph Höbenreich, who will be leading an expedition there. These expeditions fly in from Cape Town, South Africa, while the Hercules Inlet expeditions fly in from Punta Arenas, Chile.




Veteran Greenland guide, Bengt Rotmo sent over a debrief of his latest crossing on the Isortoq - Point 660 route. "It was quite a special Fall," he says. "We had snow covered surface already at 800 meters above ocean and from there all the crevasses was filled with snow. There is a place with some new nunataks coming up from the ice, which I always try to compare from year to year. Every Fall this place gets more and more ground to it. This year it looked more or less like a normal Spring year. So there is no question that there is a lot more snow on the East side this year than it has been in many years.”


After a short break, Bengt is off again on a new expedition. See Expedition List and live Dispatch feeds on Pythom.


Remember back in 2010 on Greenland, Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry setting a new world kite-ski record for covering the longest straight distance between camps in 24 hours, 595km? Sebastian has made a documentary about their 2300 km expedition and this achievement. The documentary is selected as a finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. If you are at Banff, say hi to Sebastian. He has posted more info on Pythom.




For the past few months we have followed Marcin Gienieczko on his triathlon traverse of South America via the Amazon. Veteran Amazon explorer, Piotr Chmielinski, sent over news of other Polish adventurers who are attempting the Amazon, this time on bicycles: Dawid Andres and Hubert Kisinski.


Check them in the Pythom Expedition List. Their updates are also streaming in the Pythom Dispatch Feeds. Also go to the Lab on Pythom for more about the Amazon Bike.  




South Korea’s Young-Ho Nam is in Botswana to start his Kalahari traverse to Upington in South Africa, he told Pythom/Exweb correspondent in Korea, Kyu Dam Lee. The Kalahari is part of Mr. Nam's 10-desert crossings.


Adventure Activism


Johan Ernst Nilson completed the first in a series what he calls, Not a Walk in the Park. He crossed Serengeti (500 km) with three armed military guards. "We destroyed 85 traps.

We were attacked by a bull, had poachers 10 meters away behind the bushes, we were 80 meters from 12 lions and 100 meters from 20 elephants. It was wild!” he tells Explorersweb/Pythom. Read more on