Barneo camp with the latest crack though the runway. (click to expand)
courtesy Barneo Ice Camp, SOURCE
Close up of latest crack at Barneo Ice Camp and Runway.
courtesy Barneo Ice Camp, SOURCE
Barneo staff.
courtesy Barneo Ice Camp, SOURCE
A skidoo driver crossed the lead (open water). When the tractors moved to this site, 2 km from the previous camp and runway, they had to cross a big lead, but the Russians built a bridge.
courtesy Barneo Ice Camp, SOURCE
Barneo staff transporting supplies brought in with the Antonov-74 from Longyearbyen to the Ice Camp.
courtesy Barneo Ice Camp, SOURCE
Barneo drift and skiers' position, April 14, 2016.
courtesy Barneo Ice Camp, SOURCE
Aron Anderson and Doug Stoup training near Longyearbyen fro their South Pole expedition at the end of the year.
courtesy Aron Anderson , SOURCE
Polar Skiers Round Up

Posted: Apr 15, 2016 06:46 pm EDT

(Correne Coetzer. Most news was originally published on Expedition list. Check for more.) 




The staff at Barneo is still busy expanding the cracked runway. On route are 47 skiers (and divers): UK Trio Mark Wood, Paul Vicary and Mark Langridge, guides, Bengt Rotmo, Eric Philips, Audun Tholfsen, Dixie Dansercoer, Ola Skinnarmo, and Jose Naranja. The 32 marathon runners on the ice decided to postpone the start until the arrival of the rest if the group (when the runway is ready.)


Latest Barneo coordinates: N89º 06' and E044º 34'

Weather: partly cloudy, low wind, yesterday at noon 

Temperature was -14ºC, at evening dropped to -20ºC.


Doug Stoup and Aron Anderson 


Doug sent over news to Explorersweb that he and Aron train at Longyearbyen for a few days. Doug will be leading Aron, a special needs skier in a sit-ski, to the South Pole at the end of the year. They will be doing the Leverett Glacier route. The route is part of the ice road that stretches from McMurdo to the Geographic South Pole. Doug had guided that route in the 2013-14 season (505 km). In the 2007-08 season, Doug opened a new route from the Shackleton Glacier (1089 km). Aron is from Sweden. He has defeated cancer three times, but lost the use of his legs.


Aron website

Doug website


Mikael Strandberg


He crossed Siberia in Winter and travelled across Jemen, to name a few. Strandberg guided clients on Spitsbergen, Svalbard.




Teodor Johansen and Lars Tonsberg 


Teo and Lars started on April 12 at the most northern part of Spitsbergen, for their crossing. After a bad start they are on their way. It seems they have done 20 km in 6 hours, according to the latest short message from their tent. They expect ‘2 challenges’ in the coming days.




Borge Ousland and Vincent Colliard


The two guys are on a mission to cross the 20 larges icecaps of the world. They have done Main Spitsbergen Icecap, Svalbard, and Stikine Icecap in Alaska. Currently they are again in Alaska, about to start the crossing of St Elias-Wrangell Mountains Range ice field.


Check Vincent’s Profile on and the article he posted on Pythom, Best Job Ever: Conquering the World’s Largest Glaciers




Yasunaga Ogita


Yasu is on a 1000km sledge-hauling mission from Grise Fjord in Canada to Siorapaluk in the Qaanaaq area on Greenland. Yasu reported that he travels faster than planned. He saw polar bear footprints two days ago. Latest location is Toro field fjord [if correct Google translated from Japanese].


Facebook   Website  Blog


Kate Leeming


Australian cyclist is on her way to Greenland with her new Christini all-wheel drive polar bike Mark II, she told Explorersweb. "From 27 April - 18th May I will be doing the main preparatory expedition for Breaking the Cycle South Pole in Jameson Land and Liverpool Land, Northeast Greenland. This will be a chance to test the new polar bike, custom made clothing from Mont, comms, nutrition, camping equipment, etc.”


Although Kate's ultimate goal is to do a cycle across Antarctica, from the bottom of the Leverett Glacier to Hercules Inlet (1850km), "the Greenland trip will be a credible expedition in its own right and Claudio von Planta will be filming it with the view of making a separate documentary as well as for Breaking the Cycle South Pole. I am also developing an excellent partnership with the Scouts - now an ambassador.”


The planned route on Northeast Greenland covers a distance of 400km. Kate will have a support team with her [no solos in any case allowed on Greenland].




Are Johansen


Are is guiding for Borge Ousland Polar Exploration, he told Explorersweb. They are going to do a full crossing, west-east, unsupported, unassisted. "We are going on the ice 26th April and are planning on reaching the west-coast in 23-24 days." 


Team mates are Ingvild Lille-Homb, Gunnar Chr. Nyhus, Mari Lundby, Terje Øversveen, Wenke Gamme and Gunnar Holien. All Norwegian. 


Are added, "We call our Expedition: "An Apple for Isortoq" because we are doing some charity for the kids in Isortoq as well. Giving the school in Isortoq clothes, toys, games, books, dental equipment and more, to handout amongst the kids.”




Aaron Doering, Chris Ripken, Jeni Henrickson, and Matthew Whalen


Aaron Doering sent over news about the 170 km expedition he is leading from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet in the High Canadian Arctic. They focus on adventure and education. ’The Changing Earth' team offers a free standards-based curriculum, along with project- and inquiry-based tools for teachers and learners worldwide. Activities are focused on science, technology, geography, and culture. Read more in the Previous story.




Sebastian Copland and Mark George


The two men plan to ski to the North Pole in 2017, from Canada, they told Explorersweb. They were training in Nunavut, near Iqaluit. This year Sebastian and Mark plan to cross the Simpson Desert in Australia. In the 2011-12 Antarctic season, Sebastian crossed Antarctica with Eric McNair-Landry, from Novolazarevskaya to Hercules Inlet, via the Pole of Inaccessibility and Geographic South Pole. Mark then did a solo from Hercules Inlet to the Geographic SP.




Juan Menéndez Granados


Opposite to the Arctic, in a desert, news received from Greenland and South Pole skier and cyclist, Juan Menéndez Granados; he is cycling cross the Atacama Desert in Chile, South America. Juan started on April 1 from Arica, Northern Chile and expect to complete the 1700 km in about 30 days. Yesterday he reported from the town of Uyuni. On the Uyuni Salt Flat, pedaling was almost impossible "A lot of mud, sand, water and all the salt you can imagine formed an impassable terrain.”






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Website RGO = Russian Geographical Society

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Mark Wood, Mark Langridge and Paul Vicary (all UK)

unassisted (no resupplies) 

unsupported (no kites, dogs, vehicles)






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