Team: Aaron Doering, Jeni Henrickson, Chris Ripken and Matthew Whalen.
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The Changing Earth Arctic Expedition: Learning Portal for Learners - Heads up

Posted: Apr 15, 2016 06:30 pm EDT


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Four explorers and educators, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota, are on skis and snowshoes, sledge-hauling 170 km in the high Canadian Arctic. They will be documenting stories of how individuals and communities are finding strength and purpose in an increasingly fragile, interconnected, and stressed world. Expedition leader, Aaron Doering, sent over news to Explorersweb about The Changing Earth Expedition.


The Changing Earth team offers a free standards-based curriculum, along with project- and inquiry-based tools for teachers and learners worldwide. Activities are focused on science, technology, geography, and culture.


They will visit schools and talk with residents in two small Inuit communities en route, learning about the social, economic, and environmental challenges faced in this remote region, and how people adapt and find purpose even amidst constant change.They’ll share their journey online in real time with a worldwide audience, and offer a free learning portal for students and teachers


This expedition is part of The Changing Earth, a new adventure learning series of eight expeditions over four years to remote regions of the Arctic and the Tropics.


The goal of The Changing Earth is to combine an inspirational physical adventure with a shared educational one. Modern technologies will enable the team to capture the adventure, land, communities, and stories through videos and photos, and share the journey online in real time with students, teachers, and the general public. 




The first expedition will begin in Arctic Bay, a small Inuit community on the northern end of Baffin Island in Canada. From Arctic Bay, the team will travel out by ski and snowshoe, crossing the Borden Peninsula through Sirmilik National Park, one of the least explored parks in Canada. From there they’ll head out across sea ice along the southern coast of Bylot Island, a large uninhabited island that provides sanctuary for migrating birds. Their final destination is the community of Pond Inlet, on the northeastern shore of Baffin Island. 




Team leader, Aaron Doering, is a professor in learning technologies at the University of Minnesota and the director of the Learning Technologies Media Lab (LTML). He has more than a decade and thousands of miles of experience skiing the circumpolar Arctic and delivering unique online learning experiences from some of the most remote communities worldwide. Aaron has dogsledded and pulked throughout the circumpolar Arctic, ranging from Chukotka, Russia, and Fennoscandia, around the globe to Greenland, Canada, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

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Doering will be accompanied on this journey by three fellow adventurers and education professionals: Chris Ripken, a high school geography teacher recognized for his innovative uses of technology in the classroom; Jeni Henrickson, a researcher and creative professional passionate about getting people outdoors; and Matthew Whalen, a professional videographer and seasoned outdoorsman.


The Changing Earth is a project of the Learning Technologies Media Lab (LTML). LTML is an innovative design and research center located in the College of Education and Human Development's Centers for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Minnesota. LTML’s mission is to inspire and create opportunities for global collaboration in addressing humanity's most pressing educational, social, and environmental issues by designing and evaluating innovative technology-mediated solutions for learners, educators, researchers, and organizations worldwide. We are a nonprofit focused on education, educational technology, and education research, and have to date designed and developed more than two dozen free online and mobile tools and learning environments in use by over 15 million learners worldwide. 



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