Winds building on Annapurna.
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ExplorersWeb Week in Review Apr 26, 2010

Posted: Apr 27, 2010 03:01 am EDT
According to Black Yak, Eun-Sun Oh set off for her summit push this morning between 2:00 and 3:00 am. According to veteran Himalaya forecaster Javier G. Corripio a spike in the winds is expected today. Most other climbers reported from C3/C4 during Sunday/Monday, planning to join the push.

In other news: a dark horse couple reaches the North Pole as the only unsupported team following a hairy last trek; an incredible air rescue on Manaslu this morning; and young sailor Abby Sunderland ends her record attempt.

More dark clouds mounting on Anna summit push; Miss Oh's Kanchen summit "disputed" after renewed accusations Rumor began spreading last week in Spanish media: Edurne Pasaban told a "journalist friend" about a Sherpa stating that Miss Oh never reached the summit of Kangchenjunga last year. Pasaban and her team passed their doubts also to Miss Hawley, who said she would continue to include Ohs 2009 Kanchenjunga ascent in the database, but would describe it as disputed in future editions. Miss Oh's sponsoring Black Yak answered with a heated press release, while the climber herself deals with high winds and summit push on Annapurna, her last 8000er.

Teen girls sail update: Abby ending non-stop attempt Within close to 100 days of her record attempt and before the next big waypoint, Cape Aghulas in South Africa, Abby made her decision: "I am going to be pulling into Cape Town for repairs thus ending my non-stop attempt," she wrote.

Air Zermatt + Fishtail Air first rescues on Kyajo Ri and Manaslu Air Zermatt of Switzerland and Fishtail Air of Nepal have joined forces to provide the first Himalayan standby helicopter rescue service in history. The first missions took them to Kyajo Ri, where the body of a Danish climber was recovered, and Manaslu, with 1 dead climber, 1 missing and 7 rescued.

Tente Lagunilla on Manaslu rescues: "The Impossible has happened today" The Spanish on Manaslu witnessed an aerial rescue performed at 6,500m that saved seven lives earlier today. The chopper showed up just hours after a Korean team called SOS. "It's been an amazing feat," Spaniards said.

Geographic North Pole wrap-up: No more North, two teams beating the clock by one day! The final two nautical miles were horrendous and seemed unduly punishing, said Dan Darley and Amelia Russell about reaching the NP on April 25 - as the only unassisted team this season. Amelia became the third woman in the world to achieve this, only hours after falling into a lead and dislocating her shoulder. Also at the Pole are 23-year old Sarah McNair-Landry with Rob Rigato and Linda Beilharz. Eric Larsen, Antony Jinman and Darcy St Laurent arrived at the Geographic North Pole earlier in the week after 51 days on the Arctic ice.

Around the world sail: Jessica Watson Homecoming is never easy. In her Australian home waters for nearly two weeks now, the going towards the finishing line in Sydney has been very slow.

Christian Bodegren Sahara Desert update He sleeps out in the open, sharing bed with the occasional scorpion, but the Swede complains only that the distance between water holes is too long. Christian announced however that his adventure is sadly coming to an end due to circumstances out of his control.

Himalaya wrap-up: The Icelandic ash cloud had Himalaya bound teams stuck in London. On Iceland, one Everest summiteer and a polar skier came much closer than that. On Everest and Lhotse, teams were in stand-by mode while Sherpas fixed the route to Camp 3. No Guts Know Glory West Canada team member John OShaughnessy reports for ExplorersWeb straight from Everest south side Base Camp.

Dhaulagiri newsflash: Iranian summits "In the 50th anniversary of Dhaulas first ascent by a Swiss/Austrian expedition, Irans national expedition topped out Dhaulagiri early this morning, April 26th," Iran Mountain Zone reported.

US Space Plane launched US Air Force launched last week onboard an Atlas V 501 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station a 9 meter long (4 m wingspan) X-37B OTV-1 unmanned spaceplane, powered by solar panels coupled with lithium-ion batteries.

Heads up: Two ski teams preparing for 2011 Polar expeditions Two British teams are preparing for ski expeditions next year. The one team is planning an Antarctic kite-ski crossing from Axel Heiberg to Hercules Inlet via the Geographic South Pole. The other team is planning ski expeditions to the 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole and to the Geographic South Pole.

Greenland wrap-up: Skiers and kiters grounded by Icelands volcano Due to the ash cloud of Icelands volcano many teams were awaiting flights from Europe and Scandinavia to Greenland and Iceland last week. In the all possible problems encountered with this trip we did not foresee a Volcano, said one of the teams.

Jean-Louis Etienne Arctic rozière balloon flight debrief After four days in the air Jean-Louis Etienne fell asleep in his balloon and woke up with altitude sickness having hallucinations. He knew he needed oxygen and that his body was tested. The French explorer described scary moments and his interviews with the Russian Secret Service afterwards.

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