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ExplorersWeb Week in Review

Posted: May 25, 2010 01:44 am EDT
Mount Everest has had a large number of summits from both sides. Among the major events: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner - in her 13th no-O2 8000er, Jordan Romero, 13, Apa Sherpa in his 20th Everest summit, Silvio Mondinelli, Abele Blanc, etc. On the third day of the current summit wave, wind has spiked and teams are describing tough conditions. Pushes and summits are reported also from Cho Oyu and word just arrived from RussianClimb that the Ukrainians summited Makalu via a new route. Go to ExplorersWeb for all the details. In other news:

Dhaulagiri inferno: Air Rescue Mission debrief A Chinese expedition on Dhaulagiri reached the summit by nightfall and had to force a bivouaq through the stormy night. In an ensuing inferno three of the climbers lost their lives. A frantic effort by Fishtail Air and Air Zermatt rescued the survivors; read their report.

Annapurna Both Iranian Ehsan Partovi-Nia and S. Korean Park Young-Seok have called it quits on Annapurna.

Shisha Pangma summit debrief and pics: Edurne Pasaban ultimate 8000er I just cant assume the fact that I am done, Edurne Pasaban told ExplorersWeb from BC after bagging Shisha at last. Together with Asier Izaguirre, Alex Txicon, Nacho Orbiz and sherpas, Pasaban climbed in rather light style, pitching three camps on the way up to her 14th 8000er.

Lhotse: Kazakhs on top! Kazakhs Maxut Zhumayev, Vassiliy Pivtsov and Vlad Chekhlov summited Lhotse in what became the 13th 8000er for both Maxut and Vassily Pivtsov. As usual, Denis Urubko went his own way and opened a new route on the mountain sans 02.

Christian Bodegren Sahara Desert update: Leaving the camels and the desert The Swede brought his Sahara Desert crossing to a halt due to raising temperatures. Before leaving Christian had to sell his camels.

Greenland wrap-up: Dynamic distances across the Ice Cap The kite team currently at 70 degrees North, reported favorable winds over the past few days. The two kite teams in southern Greenland have been trapped in a storm for several days. More teams completed the horizontal crossing and distances up to 60 km per day were achieved. Cecilie Skog and Bjorn Sekkesæters womens team finished their west-east ski crossing.

Solo round Australia on a plastic mission Australian Ian Thomson is trying to circumnavigate his home country solo in less than 50 days. He is sailing the 40 foot racing boat Save Our Seas Ocean Racing in an effort to get focus on how plastic bags is polluting our environment. The distance around Asutralia is 6500 nautical miles.

Teen girls sail wrap-up: On May 21st 16-year old Abby left Cape Town to continue her sail around the world. Jessica Watson celebrated her 17th birthday on land in Australia, and in The Netherlands 14-year old Laura Dekker spends as much time as possible on her new boat.

Dimitri Kieffer update: Mother Nature ends his trek in remote Russia After 63 days and 707 km walking, swimming and sledge hauling through Russia (Chukotka and Kamchatka), Dimitri Kieffer decided to end the 2010 edition of his human powered circumnavigation. He was hoping to go further with a backpack, but a lot of exposed snowless tundra and three rivers brought him to a halt

The Mutiny of Bounty resailed Australian sailor and adventurer Don McIntyre (53) has started his expedition where he follows in the wake of Willliam Blight and his men on the Mutiny on the Bounty that happened 221 years ago.

Vogel Family on Bikes cycling through Perus Desert An American family of four is on a two and a half year cycle journey from Alaska to Argentina traversing the Pan-American Highway. The Vogels, mother Nancy, father John and their 11-year old twin boys Davy and Daryl started on June 8, 2008 and are currently in southern Peru in the desert.

Debrief: Michael Charavin and Cornelius Strohms crossing of Icelands Vatnjökull Ice Cap The two men crossed the largest ice cap on Iceland, Vatnjökull, from east to west. They kited and sledge hauled from Jöklasel to Jökulheimar and from there continued by descending the frozen river Tugnaa from north to south.

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