New Tarmac road to Nyalam; Everest in background.
Image by Jamie McGuinness courtesy Jamie McGuinness/Project-Himalaya, SOURCE
ExplorersWeb Week in Review

Posted: Jun 07, 2010 06:22 am EDT
With Himalaya folding and Karakoram heating up; last week brought a number of heated climbing debriefs along with a Pakistan kickoff. Other news at ExWeb included vertical blue records and a mutiny. Here goes!

Pakistan wrap-up With only 25 climbing permits issued for all peaks, this may be the quietest Karakoram summer yet. The Polish are already at work on Nanga Parbat; others are in Islamabad preparing to hit the Karakoram. Check ExWeb for some of the coolest attempts.

Teen sailing update: Abby back in business Abby Sunderland has been out to sea a little over two weeks after she left Cape Town. The new autopilot works like it should, but she still has a list of things she must repair. The last week has served her everything from storm, water inside the boat to glassy seas.

Ama Dablam debrief Back home in France, Philippe Gatta has posted a complete Ama Dablam summit report and pictures. He also had a few words of conclusion for ExplorersWeb: I thought that with less people on the mountain, we would have less problems in high camps, but I was wrong. Check the report at ExWeb.

Vertical Blue 2010: Trubridge and Nitsch Set New World Records New Zealander William Trubridge and Austrian Herbert Nitsch set two new world records in the free immersion (FIM) and constant weight (CWT) disciplines respectively during the Vertical Blue in the end of April. The new records where set during the Vertical Blue 2010 freediving competition at Deans Blue Hole.

Everest north side debrief Reports state that SummitClimb team member Peter Kinloch, 28, died on Everest after a Sherpa team failed to help him down in storm conditions. Other north side climbers are nursing frostbite back home. Check the report at ExWeb.

Greenland climbing Norwegian Christian Eide finished his Greenland horizontal crossing recently. Currently he and Silje, Trond, Diane and Jan are climbing the three highest mountains on Greenland, Gunnbjørns Fjeld, Cone and Dome. They have already summited the third and second highest of the peaks.

Greenland wrap-up: First kiters finished; lessons from Greenland The Norwegians who started kiting at DYE II got favorable winds and finished near Qaanaaq. Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry were tent-bound in a storm for 5 days. The PolarIce team made a decision about their planned 2010-11 Antarctic expedition after lessons learned on Greenland.

Himalaya last calls: Makalu summit and casualty report, no cake on Shisha Pangma Outware's Makalu expedition folded with a bitter-sweet end: several members summited on May 23rd but Zaharias Kiriakakis was lost. Bad conditions forced the Germans down on Shisha.

Roz Savage Pacific Ocean row Roz Savage was met by 5000 people when she finally arrived at Madang, Papua New Guinea Friday June 4th. Savage has now finished her third and last leg of her Pacific Ocean Row.

Mongolian trek update: No walk in the park The human body is not designed to haul 250kg, stated Ripley Davenport. With no means of navigation, except a compass, which is no use without a good map, he is walking blind in the heat and vast and endless uphill terrain. His home team reported he is physically and mentally drained.

In the wake of Bligh: More mutiny The Talisker Bounty Boat Expedition is back in Australia after leaving Tonga 34 days ago. It has been a testing time for the four adventurers that tried to stay true to the original voyage. Now it looks like they are going to be three as one steps ashore for good on Restoration Island.

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