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ExplorersWeb Week in Review

Posted: Jun 21, 2010 11:24 pm EDT
The past two weeks have been all about the Karakoram kick-off, the end of the Mars Ocean Odyssey voyage, a new kite record on Greenland, and...the issue of age in adventure.

Mars Ocean Odyssey Reid Stowe spent his last day of his 1152 continuous days at sea at anchor outside New York before sailing in to Pier81 World Yacht Marina to set foot on Mother Earth for the first time in over three years.

Abby Sunderland was successfully rescued of her dismasted yacht only to face an even bigger wave: of media fury. Check out ExWeb's editorial, "Young guns current: Abigail Sunderland and the kid who flew to Space."

Laura Dekker is grounded for yet another month by the Dutch court. The 14-year old is not happy with the decision and feels it jeopardies her possibilities of becoming the youngest to sail around the world.

No more running for young (and old) guns on Everest CTMA issued new regulations on the north side of Everest with 18 as the youngest and 60 as the oldest allowed on the peak from the Chinese side.

Age limits imposed on both sides of Everest seem to have no effect on speed record climber Pemba Dorje Sherpa, who calls for national pride as a motivation to take a 10 years old to the roof of the world next year and thus break Jordan Romero's recent record.

Pakistan climbing: The French have broken trail to camp 2 on Gasherbrum and the Polish are close to summit push on Nanga Parbat.

With only 25 climbing permits issued for all peaks, this may be the quietest Karakoram summer yet. Just 68 climbers are expected on K2 this season, while barely six or seven teams will have the Gasherbrums for themselves. Plenty of action is building nevertheless. Check the brand new list of Karakoram expeditions posted at ExWeb.

The Basques hope to traverse BP via a new route. Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo and Mikel Zabalza climbed "Pastora Peak" 6,379 m peak on Khakhal glacier in two days for acclimatization. South African Mike Horn's troop of young guns climbed a 6000er virgin summit as well, naming it Pangea. (The Pakistan Alpine Club is listing 220, 6000ers only in the Karakoram range).

First K2 pics of the season showed a heavily snow-packed mountain. ESA member Italian Giuseppe Pompili skipped a chance to take part in a simulated mission to Mars for K2 but took the road less traveled across Gondogoro La to the peak, reporting about "Househusbands of Baltoro" from the trek. K2 ski-mountaineers Ericsson (Sweden) and Cook (US) made a stop-over at Laila Peak enroute (no top due to adverse conditions).

As for the women Polish Kinga (joining an elite team of Polish Himalayan climbers including veteran legend Anna Czerwinska) hopes to turn K2 into her 8th 8000er. British Katrina will follow in Alison's footsteps; Austrian Gerlinde will try to be the first female to bag all 14 without supplementary oxygen; Canuck Meagan is headed for the peak straight from Himalaya and the South Pole.

The face of courage: Iranian Leila K2 requires twice the courage for Iranian Leila Esfandiari and ExWeb's Pakistan correspondent Karrar Haidri caught up with her during the briefing session at the Pakistan Alpine Club in Islamabad.

French Arian Lemal is back to the Gasherbrums for yet another clean-up.

2009 Elbrus race video: archive footage and memorable comments A video from last years Elbrus race has been compiled for all who'd like to check their climbing speed against hard-core world mountaineers such as Kazakh Denis Urubko... in a typical Russian setting.

Greenland ski: New kite world record Sebastian Copeland (46) and Eric McNair-Landry (25) kite skied 595km in 24 hrs, which gives them the new kite distance world record. The Greenland authorities have reportedly closed the horizontal route for summer skiers because of too much meltwater.

Greenland climbing: After climbing The Dome (3683m) and Cone (3669m), Norwegians Christian Eide, Silje Molid, Jan Bakken, Trond Sundby and Diane Kearns summited the highest mountain on Greenland, Gunnbjørn Fjeld (3694m).

Erden Eruc update: Arriving at the West Coast of Australia After cycling 7,780 km from Cooktown to Perth across Australia as part of his human power circumnavigation, Erden is now planning and preparing for his next stage on the Indian Ocean.

Last step The Steppe by Steppe expedition had to come to the end in May 2010 due to financial problems, but, assured Roger Chao and Megan Kerr, they will be back.

Peter Gostelow Africa cycle update: Entering Guinea Bissau After taking a few weeks to recover from his machete wounds the Brit cycled out of Dakar in Senegal, crossed Gambia and entered Guinea Bissau.

In the wake of Bligh: Normality and knock downs The warned mutiny on board the Talisker Bounty Boat Expedition faded away on Restoration Island. But a mutiny gone, was soon replaced by a new challenge. The little boat was nearly inverted by a freak wave.

Round Australia: So close for Thomson Ian Thomson made it through the notorious Bass Strait and had started the last long slog up the east coast of Australia when power trouble caught up with the solo sailor. He had to abort the solo attempt and pull in to Sydney for repairs, only 1000 nautical miles away from his goal.

GB Row Race 2010: Girls only What should have been a girl vs. boy rowing fight around Britain is now a pure girl experience. The boys caved after just four days, after seeing the possibility of a record blow away by head winds.

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